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Appreciate and convey your congratulatory wishes for the winners of our special Diwali ebook!
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    Diwali Books - ebook contest winners

    We were delighted to see the smooth flow of the story in our ebook contest. Although only a couple of the authors touched upon the theme of the ebook, we have decided as an exception to go ahead with the prizes announced, due to it being for a festive occasion. Keeping in mind the theme of the contest and the usage of the word assigned as well as the overall content of the chapter, we have selected one clear winner. Then, keeping aside the theme, we considered other aspects and zeroed in on three authors as the second prize winners and two consolation prize winners.

    The first prize winner is Shampa Sadhya. The reward: cash prize of Rs.125/- and a virtual gift of the certificate of creativity.

    The second prize winners are Sanjeev Gupta, Sun, and Sharada. The reward for each: Rs.100/- + virtual gift of appreciation.

    The consolation prize winners are Varghese and Sankalan Bhattacharya. The reward: Rs.75/-.

    Congratulations to all the winners! We would also like to express our appreciation to all the authors of the ebook chapters for the effort put in towards making this ebook a fairly good success. Every participant will get a minimum of 10 points, cash credits, and the bonus +2 as announced to the 13 non-winning chapters.

    (Ryyu - although you did submit a sweet, charming chapter since it was not submitted in time and was misplaced as a closing chapter, you will be given points only. We hope this is a learning experience and you participate with equal zeal in future contests).

    A footnote for all - henceforth please bring out elements in the chapter that are related to the ebook theme otherwise prizes may not be awarded.
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    Hearty congrats to all the winners of the Diwali e-book story writing contest. In fact, this is the best e-book story that ISC members produced so far. From chapter one to thirteen, the thirteen authors have contributed well with their creative mind. Thank God, Chapter 14 was a misfit to the story at the end and could be detached from the story line easily.

    I consider all the thirteen members as the creams of ISC (Creams -XIII of ISC)

    I would appreciate if such e-book story writing contests are held once in a month or bi-monthly.

    I sincerely thank the juries for selecting my chapter for a prize.

    No life without Sun

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    I congratulate all the winners. I hope they will continue their good work and win many more prizes in the coming contests. I wish them all the best.
    Very nicely conducted and all the participants showed their abilities in writing their chapters. I thank the organiser for conducting a good contest and I thank ISC for encouraging the members in showcasing their skills and also to learn many new aspects.

    always confident

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    This was a very interesting contest and there was a god flow of story and members did not have much difficulty in picking up the threads from the last chapter. I enjoyed participating in this contest and now congratulate all the winners who have contributed the best episodes in this ebook which is though written by so many members has come up in a shape of a good story. Keep contributing and share the joy of creative writing.
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    Hearty congrats to the first prize , second prize and consolation prize winners of Diwali books- the E book contest and all the entries were the superlative and hence awarded.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Hearty congratulations to all the winners. It was a good contest and participants did their best to make this ebook interesting. I have always liked such contests and wish to see many such contests in future too.

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    – Mark Twain

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    Warm congratulations to the winner Shampa Sadhya, second prize winners as I could also join and rejoice as one of them and consolation prize winners for Diwali e-book contest.

    Vandana ma'am, if you can generalise on what went wrong, it will be a helpful suggestion for future contests.

    Lead the leader

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    Congratulations to the winner Shampa Sadhya, second prize winners Sanjeev Gupta, Sun and Sharada, consolation prize winner Sankalan Bhattacharya and all the participants of the Diwali ebook contest. The theme, story and overall presentation from each member were outstanding and worth reading. Every chapter had its own Word challenge but well framed by the members. The entire story kept the central theme focused and kept the readers glued as every chapter had its own climax and left a note for the next writer to complete or continue. Almost every participant kept their timing and tried to complete the story within the given 24hours timeframe and helped the ebook to be completed on time. I would also like to thank the organisers, jury and ISC for conducting the contest and keeping the Diwali festive spirit on our virtual world alive.
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    Congratulation to all winners, you all deserve these rewards. Your contribution is commendable, I wish you all the best for many more rewards in the future.

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    Congratulations to all the winner for winning Diwali e-book story writing contest. It was very interesting contest. I hope all of you would win many more prizes in the coming days.

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    Congratulations to all for winning the Diwali ebook story writing contest. All participant deserves cheers for their contribution to the contest. Congratulations to winners once again.

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    Congratulations to Shampa Sadhya for winning this creative writing contest. I also congratulate Sanjeev Gupta, Sun, and Sharada for securing the 2nd prize and Varghese and Sankalan Bhattacharya for their consolation prizes.
    It was a fun-filled contest and I enjoyed every chapter. I like such creative writing contests but this time I registered late with the thought that my chance to submit the chapter will come after Diwali and my bad luck, it was on the day of Diwali itself. So I submitted the chapter in a bit hurry (I preferred to give it an attempt rather than missing it).


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    The orphanage concept maybe a bit cliched and typical of being the centre of doing something good during the festive season, we were happy the story did develop well. Also, despite here and there a bit illogical scenarios came up, that also was somewhat acceptable since it is, after all, a story.

    So was this ebook really the most successful and did anything go wrong? No to the first and yes to the second, because in our view the theme went for a full toss! For once, the authors actually read the rules and did stick to the words' limit and some of you did attempt to use the word assigned to you in a unique way. but whatever happened to books? One idea that popped up in my mind while reading along was that since the theme was on books, why didn't anyone think of a library in the orphanage? The lady in the bookstore could also have somewhere become an interesting character but seemed to have been forgotten completely.

    And I do think Ryyu has potential to participate and win in creative writing contests.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    I agree Ryyu has the potential. But he slipped and missed to see Ramanuj's eyes that cannot see the lights lit around and on the sky. Therefore, the story has a mismatching chapter at the end. Authors should go word by word of the previous chapters before drafting their own chapters.

    I would like Ryyu to justify his last chapter.

    No life without Sun

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    Yes, Sun. We are fully aware of what Ryyu wrote and it was mentioned in the registration thread about carefully following the story. In fact, a couple of things in other chapters also did not quite sync, but we do not wish to go into details of the jury panel's discussions. I only brought up Ryyu's entry specifically because of the potential in the general context of being a well-written piece, quite sweet and delightful. Let that matter rest now.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    This was a very good contest and the story also went in a straight direction as if only single writer had written it. I enjoyed participating in this contest much and looking for the next opportunity. Now the results have been announced and I take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners for their respective awards and wish them good luck for their future efforts in this portal. Well done and keep contributing.
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    Hearty congratulations to all the winners of this ebook contest! A word of appreciation goes to all the participants too.

    The cash rewards to the winners have been credited.

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    Congratulations to Shampa Sadhya for winning the first prize this Diwali e-book contest. I also congratulate Sanjeev Gupta, SuN, and Sharada for winning the second prize and Varghese and Sankalan Bhattacharya for their consolation prizes. Well done and keep it up.

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    The contest was exciting. I enjoyed participating in it. Congratulations to all my co-winners. I want to thank the jury for my award and lots of thanks to ISCians for their best wishes. Winning is always so satisfying as it motivates to perform better. Thanks once again.

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    My congratulations to all the winners of the ebook contest and my thanks to the jury panel for the prize. I enjoyed reading all the chapters in the ebook where the festive spirit was intact and hope to see more such interesting contests. My thanks to all of you for your best wishes.

    Well done everybody!


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