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    A clinic with special idea

    To assist my cousin brother, I went to a nearby clinic. That doctor seems to be a great man in my eyes. He runs that clinic in the area with a three-bed facility and outpatient facility. All the staff members from reception to cleaning staff include ladies who are dark-complexioned as well as transgender people as nursing assistants. This step of the doctor has been made to remove a feeling of a complex in them.
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    A unique idea. Different people will have different ideas and they will try to implement those ideas whenever they get a chance to implement them. By giving some chances to the people who are having fewer chances, we can encourage them to come up in their lives. They will also serve with a lot of dedication and gratitude. That will be good for the organisation also.
    In my village, there is an SSI. The promotor decided to give jobs only to physically challenged people. So he appointed such people in the organisation and made them perform. The company flourished very well.

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    It's a unique idea of the doctor mentioned in the post by the author. Socially neglected people are discarded in any profession. This is the real face of our society. They are also human regardless of what they have a personal choice about their gender. They aspire a word of respect from all others. U appreciate this doctor for giving them respectable job. They will be proven much better than all other employees in terms of working hard, sincerity, loyalty and dedication to their responsibilities.

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    The doctor need to be appreciated for many reasons. That he removed the gender bias and gave the chance for the transgendes to help in nursing activities and that gave them the ray of hope for others that even that sect would selected in future by other hospitals for nursing services. That he arranged for beds and operating a in house inpatient and out patient and that proves the doctor does not want to leave any patient unattended for want of bed and treating them with ultimate care. That the doctor as appointed those who does not get jobs that easily for their looks and color and thus proved a messiah for the vulnerable and discarded section of the society a ray a good hope that in future others would also ape the same kind of service. What ever it is the new thought need to be welcomed and that should continue.
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    I think that this doctor is doing a very noble thing. Many people in the society talk so much about doing old things and preach others to do so but when the time of execution comes many of them backtrack and avoid the cumbersome responsibility ahead. So, in such a situation people like this doctor are to be appreciated for their boldness and unique way of recruiting the people whom generally companies and organisations do not prefer.
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    Very few people have this type of approach of helping the fellow beings and if a doctor is engaging unemployed persons in such a helping way it is praiseworthy and others should take a lesson and learn from it. This is remarkable attitude.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    As the Doctor does not claim any speciality or uniqueness in all these why not we focus our attention to the patient treatment by the doctor and his staff at that clinic? Why should we find different meanings?

    You may see the doctor as great if he has good knowledge and expertise in diagnosis and treatment, his fee and charges are affordable to ordinary and poor people, or he gives free treatment to deserving people, patients are satisfied with his diagnosis and treatment.

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