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    Our actions are sometimes the reflections of our intentions

    Humans act as per certain stimuli. It could be motivation or inspiration by the mentor, it could be a hidden motive, or it could be for an objective, every time we act it is directed by the underlying factor. While working we are influenced by many external factors also. Accordingly our work gets modified to accommodate those forces or situations. Many times we do something governed by our intentions and not the aspirations. In such cases something happen which others might not notice but we know why we had done that. An intelligent observer can sometimes decipher such behaviour and finds that the intentions behind the act were different. Have you anytime observed such behaviour where the person appeared to do something but his intentions were not with it and if that task execution is spoiled, person is not much concerned also?
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    Surely our actions and intentions do give the ray of hope and guide us to the definite performance and that action would be superlative and decisive because body and mind make great coordination. If the intentions are sure and achievable, the actions would be positive and the results would be in the striking rate of great progress. And if the intentions are pre- decided. we are also ready to take actions against the external forces which try to subvert our actions which are on the right path. There is a good proverb in Urdu that " Jab niyath saaf hai tho Kudah bhi saath dega" that means if the intentions are clear the God's help and interventions would be abundant. One thing is sure there are people who have evil intentions on our progress and our great will power and self confidence can collapse all such ill feelings and move ahead.
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    Recognising a person good or bad is always difficult until he exposes his real nature. Although many people conceal their intention, it becomes evident to all through their action. It's only through their action that people are examined and observed for their character and intentions. People's action and reaction are important to understand their true nature.

    A humble person may be known by his sheer rationality and compassion who always comes forward to help those in need. Such a person becomes known to everyone by his qualities. While a cunning person is looked down upon for his selfish and vested intentions. Such a black sheep become infamous for their irrationality and treachery.

    Our actions reflect our inner voice, it shows our behaviour and rationality. Our action show who we are- cowards or abode of compassion and humanity. If you have to check the mentality of people, look at their actions and reactions. And look at how they demonstrate their evil design to conceal their intentions.

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    Every action or activity has a reason for carrying it out and when something is carried out ,undoubtedly, is bound to intention by a doer. The author has focused on this aspect that a doer performs it Intentionally but without interest or under duress by someone else or whatever, but one thing is sure that a doer does it intentionally or knowingly what he does, however, it may be possible that a doer he does not aspire to do it as the author has pointed it out that end result if comes negative doesn't affect him much. It's very much possible that the doer has interest in other activity to perform but he is commanded or suggested that he do a particular work he has no interest wherein. In this situation while working under duress he can't give his hundred percent dedication to his efforts.

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    Our action will definitely reflect our intentions. When we have a very good interest in performing an action we take care of the issue very carefully and every small detail also will be noted and considered before finalising the road map. We review the progress in between and if any modification is required we will do that also.
    If we have no interest we may not be so keen. We do the job mechanically and we never care for the end results. We just complete the work and inform the outcome. people around us will definitely understand from our movements that we are not interested in doing that work.
    Sometimes in our job, we may have to do certain things which may not be as per our liking. But we can't avoid doing those works. In such cases, our body language will convey to others that we are not having any intention of doing that work. But some person will never expose their intentions and behave very smartly also.

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