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    Do you like to own a Landline phone, a wrist watch and a Camera while you have a Mobile?

    The mobile phone has replaced Landline phones. The clock is available on the Mobile phone. The camera too available on Mobile phones.

    When you can have all these things in one single mobile phone, do you still like to own a separate landline, a wrist watch on your hands, and a separate camera on your shoulder?

    If yes, Why?
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    I wish to have a mobile phone in the first place as it has all the facilities but I still wish to have a wristwatch on my hand. when we go out, suddenly I want to know the time I always look at my watch on thewrist. I find that is most convenient to see time instead to switch on the mobile phone to see the time.

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    May be we can take a camera when we go for a tourist spot but not clock and landline phone. We cannot carry landline phone anyway, but watches still are worn for passion or fashion by a few people. Some may have practised it as a habit hence cannot stop wearing it.
    Smart phones and people using daily play a competancy game and final it is a tie, let's us look out for a day when a person becomes sharper like a smart phone.

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    There are no Ifs and Buts. I had landline phone some years ago but now I don't have. I have two wrist watches. I have no interest in camera. Also I'm not fond of photography, even I hardly use my mobile camera, so no question arise of keeping a separate camera.

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    Though we may have all the three facilities in a cell phone but still I would like to answer for the questions raised by the author. That the mobile phones have the exact time line and cannot be made forward where as we can set the wrist watch to forward time so that we need not miss the things to be attended in time. Landline phones have its own importance as the elders in the house are not used to smart phone touch facility and they can handle the land line phone with hard touch and the way to speak with their own style handling the receiver bar. And cell phone camera cannot get us the candid moves on one go and if we have the real camera in hand, the capturing of best activities, best moods never seen before can be best put forth inside the camera. Therefor every thing has its own importance and those who know this would never discard the above things.
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    I dont prefer to landline or camera. But yes ofcoirse, I do for wrist watch. I see it as an accessory. It is not a wonder that mobile phones replacing landlines when it comes to personal uses, butI cant agree that it replaced cameras. Because when it comes to special organized events, in our family, we prefer camera. Of course for some candid moments, mobile camera is enough.

    I have kindle and I read ebooks, still when I get physical book, I prefer books to ebooks. Because that doesn't strain my eyes and I can without distractions like peeping notifications.

    Having everything g on phone is good, tgay comes handy, still the things that are made for specific purposes cannot be completely replaced or ignored.

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    I have a watch, a camera and a landline. I continue keeping them even though I have a smartphone. The reason is the attachment I have with those items.
    I came to Hyderabad and settled in Hyderabad in the year 1988. I took a landline in the same year. It was very useful for me when I have no cell phone and served a lot for me. The landline number also same and not changed except additional digits getting added. So I don't want to get that disconnected. I will keep as long as I stay in Hyderabad. If I leave Hyderabad and go to my native place then I will surrender the phone.
    My wristwatch is a very costly watch and my elder son presented me the same by purchasing the same from his first salary. So I want to use it as long as it performs well and as on date, it is working very well. So I will continue using it.
    I went abroad for the first time in the year 1998. During that trip, I purchased a camera. I like it very much and hence I don't want to part with it. After that, I went abroad many times and I purchased many times. But my attachment with this item is very deep.

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    I never give up landline as it helped me a lot in getting address proof while changing residence very quickly. Watch, I kept in my almirah as I mostly forget to tie watch in order to see the time in mobile.
    Camera:I was possessing a good konika camera but after starting use mobile, it enhanced the laziness of roll filling, developing, printing I discarded using and gave to my brother's daughter.

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    For about ten years, I was living in a city and had a landline with broadband facility. I started working with my desktop. And I was incurring an expenditure of Rs. 900/= per month. It was too much for me. When I shifted my residence to my home village, I wanted to have a landline. Unfortunately or fortunately, the cable was not available from the main BSNL exchange located 5 km away from my home. I bought a JIO modem for the internet use. It is fine. The monthly expenditure is less than 150/- per month. A landline is unnecessary and expensive.

    I have five wrist watches. (Titan - Citizen - Kowdi - HMT -Seiko) All presented by relatives and friends. I use them regularly alternatively.

    I have a Yashika camera that needs film rolls. I stopped using it. Now I have Sony DSC S-5000 camera. I use it when I go on a picnic, party etc. I am likely get a new camera Canon DSLR very soon.

    Though Mobile has the clock and camera facilities, wearing a wrist watch is a style and comfort. A separate camera is far better than the mobile camera.

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    After the introduction of the smart phones all these things like landline phone, wristwatch, and camera have become totally redundant. We are keeping them with us just like that as we had purchased them long back and they are just a thing of memory of the past time and nothing else. They will be lying there for some time and one day we will throw them or give to the kabari. Even if you want to give it to some needy person, no one is there to take it. They will ask you to give them some old mobile phone if possible. So, there is a big change in the technology and many items perished in its wrath and these three are the examples.
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