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    Why the saree purchasing is not decided on the first sight of designs?

    I had been closely watching the women behavior in many shops as to they would not agree and get convinced on the first sight of very good and modern variety of saree being shown by the shop keeper and keep on insisting to see other varieties. Actually why so wavering mind when shopping for saree as the fashion statement has to be made with new variety and not seek those who have already used it. Invariably I have seen that the ladies are looking for already used brand, color, combination and textures which they may not get at all.
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    Sorry to say that there is no satisfactory end to selection of sarees by ladies. Truely speaking, women are not naturally beautiful. They are made to look beautiful with their dress and ornaments and make ups. Unlike men's wear, the ladies wear are plenty with lakhs of designs, one better than the other. No lady will come out of the shop with a satisfactory purchase of saree. There would still be doubt about the saree that has already been billed.

    I have seen the pitiable state of the salesman who tries to satisfy the women by taking out all the designs from the racks, spreading them, explaining them, then struggling to fold them to put it in place, and wait for the other customers to repeat the same process.

    But I am proud to have a wife who is satisfied with my selection of sarees for her. Even if she visits, she won't waste her time in selection. Her first look would be the best look to pay the bill.

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    Ladies are taking so much time in selecting the dress materials including sarees that their husbands would be fed up with their tiresome process. However, even after the selection of their choices, they remain under the state of ambiguitry thinking that they could not not select the best ones. Even after coming out from the departmental stores, their dreams of having the best ones remain unfulfilled. More set of sarees are displayed before them, more they are confused. The salesmen try their best to convince them regarding the specialities of each and every set, they remain engrossed with their own thought process. Ultimately in haste they pick up some material from the store and after billing for the same, they would disapprove of the same. I do agree that all the ladies are not having the same mentality but there exists some classes of ladies of the similar kinds.

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    Not only the ladies but some men also take substantial time in selecting an apparel in respect of colour and fashion. But comparatively ladies in general take more time and the salesman is always at its wits end in dealing with such customers. One reason for this could be attributable to the thousands of designs and equal number of varying colours which confuse our mind and we think that we have to choose something that everyone next day remarks as excellent and asks us which shop we had purchased it. When it comes to wearing dresses some people are very conscious and will dress in the best and attractive attires.
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    There are two methods for the selection of clothes.
    Decide on what type of dress you want to purchase. Then go to the shop and ask whether that is available. If it available have a look and if you are happy, take it.
    The second method is to survey the shops and see all the varieties available in the price band we want to purchase and select the best. In this second method, the process will be very long and it may take a lot of time. In this method, the ladies will see various available dresses and whatever they like, they will ask the salesperson to keep aside. Then they again see all the dresses which are kept aside and decide the best one from that. Sometimes ladies may not like any of the dresses shown by the shop and they go to another shop and start the entire process again. The time is not important, they should get satisfied. That is more important.

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    Very true. Most of the ladies want one of the best saree from the shop. So, she takes much time in selection. After buying saree, many are seen unsatisfied with their choice. Sometimes, they want to return as soon as possible. I have noticed that shopkeeper and husband both fed up with such kind of ladies. Oftentimes, ladies see almost all saree which is available in the shop and finally come out with the empty hand. After that, go to another shop for repeating the same process. Generally, this category of ladies is ignored for next time, if they recognized by the shopkeeper.
    It is true that purchasing of saree with ladies is time taking process.

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    Have you observed this? After buying the sarees, blouse matching is another major problem for the salesman. He would take the saree and match it with every blouse piece kept on the racks. But nowadays, sarees have a blouse piece that needs to be separated and stitched. Yet, ladies won't be happy with the attached blouse. Many such blouse pieces are made as scarves.

    One thing I observed. The textile shop salesman should have tremendous patience to deal with lady customers.

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    The responses were over whelming and coincides with my thought process but the fact remains as to why they should take so much time in selection.
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    I agree that ladies take a lot of time in selecting the saree or any dress material to that matter. There are reasons for that. Women have a better sense and appreciation of colours and patterns and designs and when so many are available in the market and the salesmen are happily showing it to us, may be to woo the customer only, why we will not go through all of them before making a selection. Of course, it depends on time available to us also. Many men do not like to spare so much time in these shops as they have other priorities and that is the reason why many women go with their women friends and enjoy the shopping in the women's ways only. When so many options are there one is lured to choose the best.
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