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    Will the free vaccine be given to all ?

    BJP in recent Bihar Elections has promised people of Bihar to give them Free Vaccine when people began to ask the question on social media why only people of Bihar should be given the free vaccine. Will the other people of rest of India be deprived of this promise? I have heard that the government has given assurance that all Indians will be given the free vaccine. I hope that it will not be an election promise but a commitment to people.

    Delhi CM has also opined that vaccine should be available free for all in the entire country. He said, "The whole country should get a free Covid-19 vaccine. It is the right of the entire country. All the people are troubled by the coronavirus, so the vaccine should be free for the country,".

    It will be a great help to those people who can't afford to buy a corona vaccine.
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    It is very simple to distribute the vaccine. A good planning is very essential. How it should be done? Read the following steps recommended by me.

    1. Lockdown entire country for 14 days.
    2. Identify and mark the localities where Covid-19 is present.
    3. Administer the vaccine to all those residing in those marked localities on priority. (This would be less than 5 percent of our population. Say only 5 crores (50 million). This would help to break the virus chain with less vaccine in use.
    4. Unlock
    5. Administer the vaccine to elderly people (older than 60) compulsorily.
    6. Administer to others as and when the vaccine is available at a very low token cost. People below the poverty line should be considered for the free vaccines.

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    I think that vaccine will be available free to all but only problem is that it will take months to cover the so many people in our country as our population is very high and we know the governance and laziness in our working and that will create a delay in implementation. Govt may allow some private players also to make the vaccine available to rich people on payment basis so that there will be better distribution. The production of vaccine can be accelerated by the drug companies but the only bottleneck is distribution and giving it to the poor people.
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    The central government already announced that 60 crore people will be administrated vaccine in the month of February and the programming is going on. After that in phases, all the people will be given a free vaccine. But if the vaccine is available for a cost many people may get it. They may not wait for their turn to get the free vaccine from the government. So what I feel is the government should give free vaccine immediately to the poor and who can't purchase the vaccine. Others can purchase. People who are well to do should not think of getting a free vaccine. For them, time is very important.
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    Since the COVID is not spread much in rural areas, priority should be given to the metropolis, big cities and towns. Once we cover these areas and made free from virus, it is easy to contain and break the virus chain. Rural areas can be cared later if required. The vaccine may or may not be required after wards.

    There is no need to administer vaccine to the entire population of India. It would require only 25 percent of the entire population (say 35 crores)

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    Every citizen of a country has the right to get the vaccine, whether it is young or old, rich or poor irrespective of place. Pulse polio vaccine too was introduced to all children below five years similarly they have to have one document like aadhar or ration card to mark that he or she is vaccined. This can be recorded in digital formats giving clearcut picture of each state. According to state, district, taluk, kasba or hobli, village, panchayat level, people can afford to attain this order to collect the information. The important thing is that priority has to be given to affected people who are registered as corona patients and all corona warriors who are struggling for the welfare of society at large.
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    Political talks, promises and claims can be exaggerated or can be just dream peddling to the vulnerable audience.

    In today's situation the best promise is a vaccine for Covid. That will find resonance among the ten month suffered helpless people. As the party heading the central government BJP would have got some hints about the vaccine development and distribution plans of the government. So they wanted to score points out of that. That is what was reflected in BJP's Bihar election manifesto. Now other parties have followed suit. The same is being promised by parties in the Panchayats, Municipal elections campaign now undergoing in Kerala too.

    Unlike viral diseases contracted by individuals at random due to their exposure Covid is a pandemic across the whole world. Hence it has to be faced and eliminated with large scale national and universal plans and schemes. Such eradication measures will be taken care by the national governments with the active participation of State governments. These will be under guidelines from the UN bodies giving guidelines and conditions to all countries.

    Hence in India too, the Covid vaccine will be given free of cost by the government. As there is an urgent and enormous need for the Covid vaccine, there will not be sufficient quantity at least in the initial stages. So there will be certain well planned strategy and SOPs until the vaccine is available at low cost in sufficient quantity universally.

    The distribution will be prioritized. As per the reports coming since last few months and week, it will be first given to the frontline health workers. Then it will be given to the vulnerable sections like senior citizen and old and sick people. Then come the healthy youth. Children will be the last as there need more studies and testimonial for safe dose for children and the current finding is that children are relatively less probable to be infected.

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    I don't think it will be free in the starting. It will be very costly in the beginning and then will be free for all after some time.

    It's sad that politicians are making their vote bank by making such false comittment. Actually we people are fool and easily become victim of these politicians who once win the elections never come to fulfill their promise.


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    The ruling party at the center and at the states are vying for each other to plan a fool proof method of giving vaccine shots to each and every people by procuring it early and doing the needful. Though the first lot of vaccine developed through Oxford candidate Astra and made by Serum Institute already manufactured 4 crore vaccine vials to be distributed at the cost of 500 to 600 the central govt would foot the bill and therefore every citizen would get the free shots of vaccine for sure. But my worries about the maintaining of inventory of the vaccine thus released. Surely every vaccine has to be recorded and distributed in a more professional way and with the proof so that every shot is accountable to the people and govt. Unlike demonetization where influential people got hold of new notes in advance we were made to stand in queue for 4000 rupees.
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    The recent news says that there is virtual competition between the US and Russia even in the race to unveil the vaccine candidate and Russia's Sputnik seems to be 95 percent success in trials also costing less when compared to the US brands of vaccine which are about to be declared. Given this latest development the central govt has decided to seek the expert advice as to which brand be considered. By the way there is political compulsion to maintain the relations between US and Russia and thus the vaccine find has become big challenge for the country. Once the affordable vaccine is available then India can plan ahead for the free distribution of two shots of vaccine for every citizen and formidable amount has been kept aside to meet the expenses. So the vaccines are going to be free at least for the poor for time being.
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    Many types of research are going on in the country regarding the corona vaccine. It is expected that the Corona vaccine will soon be ready in India. Common people will have to wait for the corona vaccine. It will take more than a year for Indian markets to receive an authentic vaccine against the coronavirus. The central government has started focusing on the priorities of distribution of the corona vaccine and who will be given first. The government has now started finalizing the delivery process of the vaccine and identifying the people who will be given the vaccine first. The expert group, considering these details, has prepared a blueprint. According to this, the vaccine will be given to 30 crore people first, which will include doctors and MBBS students and this vaccine will be absolutely free. Four categories have been created for this. After the introduction of the vaccine, a total of 30 crore priority beneficiaries will be given a dose of vaccine in the initial phase.
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