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    Taming or caging animals and birds is illegal

    In our childhood we had no television in our town. It was introduced much later. During those days when any juggler would come to show his play of sleight of hands or any juggler would come with an animal like bear or monkey children, even elders would come out of homes. He would play a small kettle-drum to announce his arrival in the street. Hearing the voice of kettle-drum children would come and stood in a circle and he would stage his show in the middle of the street or somewhere in the ground. At the end of his show people would give him money.
    In circus, animal item-show was also an integral part. Children would be pleased to see the show of trained lions, elephants, goats, pigeons.

    But now keeping animals and training them to stage show is illegal. Now no juggler comes. The circus have also lost their charm.
    Caging birds and animals in homes is also illegal now. Zoo is also like a big cage. Should zoo also be closed now. What do think about it?
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    In my childhood many times we used to see such people coming with a monkey and going around the village and collecting money. But slowly it has reduced. These days we are not seeing such people.
    Earlier days many circus companies are camping and performing acts and many people are enjoying it. Even we have seen 4 or 5 years back also in Hyderabad. They take a licence and perform as per the rules and regulations.
    Caging, birds and animals, is not legal and it is lying denying freedom to those species. But we see some houses having tortoise and other pet animals. How they manage I don't know.

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    Any cruelty to animals is prohibited. It is a punishable offence. In the name of keeping pets, people are still keeping and caging the various animals and law enforcement is not very strict in this matter so no one is bothered about the legal implications. Even cruelty to street dogs is a cruelty in the eyes of law. If pets are not caged and not tortured by the owner then they are allowed to keep them and as per the present laws the housing societies cannot object for keeping of pets by the residents. Many people are not aware about the various laws related to punishments applicable for cruelty to animals.
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    It is the known rule and acceptance that we should not tame the animals and keep them in captivity. But who listens and who cares? In the name of pet rearing some people are caging the pets and bringing them the annoy, anger and urge to bite hard if they are let out free. I have seen some pets when they are not cared not listened by the master also punished them. This proves that animals want to be free and they do not like to be restricted and tamed. Even the cats does not want us to boss over them and they want to live at their terms and wishes. If we agree to such nurture only the pets would behave otherwise they would change hostile. Some masters leave the pets to its own life and going outstation for days together without making arrangement for the pets food and thus earned the wrath of even the neighbors.
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    Yes in our childhood I have seen such street shows but not very rarely I have seen them coming in the street. I don't think zoo is illegal because in zoo they provide them shelter and food and don't ask them to dance for our amusement. I have seen many circus shows where these animals are asked to perform certain tasks so that we may appreciate them and circus may gain profits.

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    Indeed, in zoo animals are not made dance or stage a show but it's still a big cage for them. Don't you think so?

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    Taming and caging animals and birds can be considered as illegal on one side. In a house a boy told his parents to release the pet birds like parrots they kept in a cage but giving fruits to them and enjoying their sound. The parents strongly refused. On next Sunday the boy silently woke from bed early morning before his parents. He kept locked their bedroom and silently went out for one hour. Then he came back to the house and opened the room. The parents shouted at him. He silently told,' I kept your coffee in flask on the table, why did not you take that and being in the room.' They in turn asked him why he did so. He replied calmly, ' I did so because I love you so much.'. They got confused. The boy again told,'see, you cannot stay back in a room for at least one hour thigh I kept coffee ready for you. But how the birds will stay in a cage though you love them very much.' By hearing this felt bad, the parents opened cage and set the birds free.

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