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    Routine too boredom sometimes

    A repeated type of job or work become boredom. A tailor who got accumulated stitching job would be pleasure in terms of money. A teacher out of boredom of taking classes to the same level of standard only by seeing new faces of children but take the same subject. But a hospital receptionist definitely got boredom in her or his work as he/she has to see similar faces or similar type of patients. To overcome this he/she should be motivated through money or kind.
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    Monotony is the root cause of boredom. Everyone wants change in life in every aspect and is not limited to only the work place. Routine creates monotony and one yearns for change. It is more psychological than physical.
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    True. Doing repeatedly the same work will make us bored. Monotony will bring down our efficiency also. We stop thinking and go on doing the same work as a machine only. That is why we require some change in our routine. If we eat the same dish daily we will lose our liking for that item.
    That is why many intelligent people never like to go to jobs which require the same nature of work every time. Because of these monotonous jobs only, people are thinking of mechanising the works and stop using manpower for such routine works. Automation is the word many use for this.

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    Yes, it is true. Repeatedly going through the same things in any walk of life will give a lot of boredom to everybody. Repeatedly reading the same stories, repeatedly reading the same old bluff in web sites, repeatedly eating the same things always stresses our mind and definitely irritate us. So, we have to invent innovative things to refresh us and to keep us happy.

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    Boredom affects the performance of an employee. He can go on leave for a few days to any hill station or any relative or any close friend who is residing in any other city This break will refresh his mood or he can request to higher authorities to change his section of the same department he is working in or shift him to another department if he is qualified for working there or he may seek another job in any other company. He can start his business too. It will bring extra responsibilities on his shoulders because of being an owner of his business then he will forget what boredom is. As he has to carry out all his abilities to develop his business. If he shows any negligence or indifference his whole edifice of business will collapse and he might collapse too.

    I think only those people can feel boredom in their job who are either fickle-minded or are lubbers. If their boredom goes on consistently, soon they will be feeling boredom for their joblessness.

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    Yes it's boring to have the same work routine. In manufacturing unit also we have look after the same production line and daily manufacture the same product, daily face same type of defects and have to chase the same sort of targets. It's too boring. And to overcome the same job rotation is the one thing which one should be given so that a person may enjoy his/her work.

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    Human beings are habituated to change and we are not accustomed to follow and do the same things again and again because we like working within the frame and wants to explore more and thus wants a change. And that change perception would induce us to go for new thoughts, new way of approach and new work. For example when you are riding to the office, please take one route which is near and reachable on time and when returning back you can chose the other route which can be leisure and even make facility to allow shopping on the way. This kind of changing the route would not only remove the boredom of traveling daily but also bring the change of something new purchased for the want of family. Even at the office the one should try other jobs related to our work and thus make ourselves comfortable without expecting others to help.
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    Doing the same work over and over again develops a frustration at the times and the person feels restricted into a cage! An employee leaving his home in the morning every day to attend his duty for many years is not an easy task. Such routine activities in life bring boredom for tedious repetition and lack of variety in work. At these occasions, I feel the person needs a break from his work. He needs to rejuvenate for the work that has been boosting his earning every month. The person can visit some vibrant and exotic destination to refresh his soul and instil confidence. Spending some quality time with the family and taking them to picnics far away from his routine chaos in the office would surely help overcome the monotony and revives the peace of his mind; the person will be more focused on his job without feeling boredom.

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    True. Anything that is repeated regularly causes boredom. But we can't help. We cannot change our profession. Profession should not be taken as boredom. A driver need to drive continuously to earn his bread. A tailor need to stitch for life for his livlihood. A hospital receptionist need to look at the patients daily to take home her salary. If you recommend additional money or incentive, is it wrong to ask the following question?

    Does holding on to ISC forum section takes you to boredom? If yes, is it not ISC's responsibility to award special awards to members who are very active at ISC?

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