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    Thinking outside the box is the essence of success

    We will be attending many works daily either as a part of domestic responsibility or as a part of our job. While we perform we may get stuck in our ways due to some unexpected obstacles. While thinking various options to overcome those problems we think within a particular periphery only and we never go beyond that. This is mainly due to our understanding of the subject and the apprehensions we have in doing some activities. In this process many times we will not get the correct idea to solve the problems. . We get scared to leave the set route and go in our own path. This is mainly due to the default mode working of our brain.

    But when a new person comes in will think about the problem only and never keeps any boundaries for his thought process. He will be able to come out with a beautiful solution and will be successful in overcoming the obstruction. He could do it because of his outside the box thinking only.

    So one should come out of the auto setting of the brain and think broadly to come out with an excellent solution to the problem.
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    It is the get into stride and escalating behavior to think out of box and that would lead to exclusive results of par excellence and that will lead to ultimate winning situation. And those who have the wisdom can only think out of box and not everyone has that trait. The understanding of the subject should be deep so that we can explore more and our thought process would be different from others. Our brain sometimes would not allow us to think more and be with the auto setting mode and in that case we have to explore possibilities of coming out of box and though take time but the adjustment should be core.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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