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    You may be going strong but not at the cost of going wrong

    Everyone wants to develop their lives personally and for that they would walk that extra mile and want to build themselves strong but that should not be undermining themselves and go wrong eventually. By strong here means education wise, wisdom wise and not the physical and bodily appearance. If the person is formidable and has the urge to cast a spell on his own development then nothing can stop him to achieve the zenith of success. But at the same time he must be concerned about the back stabbers and other enemies who may thwart the progress.
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    Development is wanted by all. Nobody wants to suffer by stagnating in the same position for long. So all of us will try to develop and for that, we will work in a positive direction only. Many times we may have to cross hurdles in these attempts. We should overcome them in a correct path. But some people try to go to shortcuts and develop. That is never an advisable issue. We should respect the rules and regulations. We should always follow the legal path only. If we try to get benefitted even though we are not eligible, we should understand that we are deceiving a person who really deserves.
    always confident

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    We should have the positive attitudes and patience while doing our jobs. In that way dong the jobs in the consistent manner will bring development in one's life. Though initially the progress or development may not be remarkable but once we understand the tips to be employed in carrying out the jobs, we will achieve the required proficiency. This will surely enhance level of ours. In the long run, our progress will be tremendous because of our familiarity with the different types of techniques to be employed in the sphere of our working areas.

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    Everybody wants to progress in his life and endeavours to increase his level and status in society by his achievements and bringing prosperity for him and his family. Life is not a bed of roses. We don't know what untoward situation is waiting for us. Vagaries may come unexpectedly or thorns may be stumped by people on the way. Being vigil, active, alert, aware, ready to meet every challenge and remove it from the way keeps the journey on.

    Cooperation, mutual understanding, bilateral dialogue, sharing experience and amiability with members of the family are essential things to bring positive results in all efforts.

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    Being strong only is not sufficient, one has to be alert. There are many forces around us and there are many bad elements around us which can make our life miserable if we do a single mistake or carelessness in keeping our senses in that direction and realising those things. We may be right in all our work and directions but we may fail due to the trap laid by our enemies which we are not able to foresee.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Our progress depends on many factors including our hard work. There are some elements who may not be happy with our progress and good work and in order to derail us do backbiting and other harmful things. So, we have to be cautious in this matter because all our efforts would be useless if we are not aware about these things and do not take preventive measures.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is truly said, " Honesty is the best policy". Everybody wants development in their life. For getting success, we should choose the correct path as well as have a positive attitude. Always done work with good intention leads to success. Nowadays, a lot of people in our society doing work with bad intention. As a result, they fall prey to defame. So, we should always adopt the correct path.

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    Absolutely we must try to develop ourself. In an organisation I would say one should increase his/her knowledge and enhance skills for his/her growth and for the benefits of the organisation. No doubt when we try to grow ourself lots of hindrance will come . People will definitely will back stab us because they won't like us to reach to the higher levels so we should always be cautious from such people.

    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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