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    Why some political parties are following their family rule?

    There are some political parties like Congress, TRS, TDP, AIMIM, DMK etc are created to help their own family members to establish as the most powerful party at the cost of their grass route level members hardship and in return these parties never cared to up the living quotient of their own political workers and thus faced the flak. By the way why the above said parties are concentrating on their own development whenever they happened to be in power. And the dynasty rule was made known and practiced by the Congress and ably followed by other parties.
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    Everything if democratically occurs there is no reason why anybody can come into politics and serve the society. Saying that no other family members of a particular family should not come even though they have a talent in them to shine in politics is a wrong thing. In BJP, is there are no family members are there or not active of some of the star politicians of BJP? Simply you are talking about the highest position like PM or CM level? If the candidates have no worth in them they cannot withstand and shine in their life? If people have the talent and they came out democratically and people are liking them means, are people foolish? In politics, this type of theories made popular by politicians and parties to defend themselves and some people believe them.

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    There is nothing wrong in a democracy about this issue. Everyone is allowed to participate in politics. What is wrong if the son or daughter of a well-known politician begins to take part in active politics. What is wrong if the old politician wants that their political legacy should be transferred to their family members. This is only a slogan from those political parties who hide their flaws and shortcomings and target their political rivals to remain alive in politics. People want to see new and young politicians rule centre and states but oldmen don't leave greed of occupying thrown.
    Political leaders raise useless issues to divide us. We are the common people we should realize what responsibilities we have as a voter. We should focus on issues of development, employment, price hike, improvement in the living standard of people, eradication of poverty. Some politicians are great and good. One more thing is that we shouldn't vote for criminals and corrupt politicians.

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    A cobbler's son would be a better cobbler. A driver's son would be an excellent driver. A barber's son would be an high class barber. Similarly, a politician's son is expected to be a good politician. It is the profession. Therefore, I won't go against the family rule. If the cobbler's son or driver's son or barber's son doesn't perform well, do we go to them? We ignore them. Similarly, if the politician's son is not a good guy, don't vote for him. It is not the mistake of the politician who aspire their family to be a political family, but the people who support and vote for the politician.
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    There is nothing wrong in family members of a particular person coming into politics and continuing in the party. But the person should have the required skills and should learn from other leaders to become the chief of the party. He should not become president of the party simply because he is the son of the past president.
    A doctor's son can be a doctor. A lawyer's son can be a lawyer. A teacher's son can be a teacher. But in society, we have so many doctors, lawyers and teachers. But for a party, there will be only one president and he should be capable to lead the party. Otherwise, the party will sink. What I like to say is a politician's son can become a politician. But a party president's son can't be nominated as president unless otherwise, he is having the capability to lead the party.
    A deserving person should not be denied a post as he happened to be the son of the party president. At the same time, an undeserved person can't be made the party president as he belongs to a family. That will be bad for the progress of the party.

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    I think it is the people who bring these parties to power and allow them to rule the state or the country. People have the power to reject them outright if they wish to do it. But in most cases, people seem to have no problem from such parties so keep returning to power.
    Anyone can contest elections and fulfil one's desire to be a politician after completing the basic formalities to get into politics. Family members can create a political party and father can raise his son to contest elections but it is the people who decide who is going to the minister. They can reject or accept the person as a political leader. It is people who make it or break it.

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    How can one say there is nothing wrong as the entire politics of the party is owned, served and diced by the family rule.
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    For a change, let me answer it from the view of such a politician.

    arity begins at home they say. Many children are scolded and chided by parents saying ' you are not useful to home, then how can you be useful for the world'. So such politicians really believe that development and progress has to start from one's own home. The development and progress will thus evolve and expand first from home, then to the local town, then to district, State and Nation.

    After all, a doctor can make his/her son/daughter a doctor, an advocate's son/daughter can become advocate,a teacher's children can become teachers, a musician's children can become musicians. No one objects. But when it comes to politics why people question it as family politics ?
    Such politicians have a readymade answer- people have accepted them.

    Similarly a wife can takeover husband's business and inherit assets. Same is extended to political business and assets too. In a democracy all those are permitted and perfectly legal.The mistake is in the beholder eye!!!

    Isn't it so?

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