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    Are we working as per our aspirations or for others demand?

    Whether it is personal life or the work at office, we have to follow our intuitions and wants and thus plan the works and tasks accordingly, but sometimes we are not following our aspirations for the reasons beyond our control and try to fulfill the demands of others just as the routine to which we may not get the inner satisfaction of achievement or progress in life. In that case we have to limit our venturing to others and be first to satisfy our aspirations so that for the time being let us make ourselves happy for a while.
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    We are having a family, living in a society, and during our working tenure were working in an organisation and in all these situations it is not possible to go ahead with only our own aspirations. There will be expectations from so many quarters from us and we will have to honour them if not all, to some of them. So our actions and working would get modified to that extent. If we are in a subordinate capacity our superiors can demand something from us to do which we may not like personally but are forced to do in an unwilling and reluctant manner. So, these situations come in our lives often when we have to work as per others thinking and expectations.
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    As a human being, we have many responsibilities. We are here not alone. We are here with many others. How can we work alone on our aspirations. It is not possible and not correct also. You have a family. You have to take care of the family. You have a job and you are being paid. So you have to consider which is good for the company. Your aspirations should be in line with the progress of the company and what is your responsibility in the office, that is to be fulfilled. At the same time, we live in a society. So we have to see the welfare of the society also. We can't ignore that factor also. If our aspirations are not detrimental to other aspects we can definitely work to see that our aspirations will also be fulfilled.
    If you are working in an organisation in a position and if you aspire to get promotion there itself, then it is good. You have to work hard and see that the top people will be happy with your performance. Then you will get promoted and the company also will get benefitted.

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    If we work on others thinking and expectations , then we are more accepted.
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