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    Keep a distance with youngsters

    Being elders it's our responsibility that we should realize it that communication gap with our upcoming generation should be given due respect and.importance. Teenagers and young boys try to respect every elder and this respect keep them stay away from their elders. We should also keep a distance from them so that the layer of hesitation because of respect should be maintained. If elders mix up with their youngsters they will begin to treat them as their friends and respect will be left aside.

    I have noticed it if a few young boys talking and I'm coming from somewhere they stop their conversation and each of them wish me. It looks good to see them they have respect for their elders.

    In my opinion it's a great sign of humility of youngsters, they realise and acknowledge the importance of tendering due respect to their elders. We should also be reciprocating them in the same manner. It will strengthen our relation with them. We should look after them and should encourage them to succeed in their lives.
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    It is a valid point brought out by the author. Elders should keep their distance from the youngsters to maintain their prestige, honour and respect. By mingling with the youngsters, the elders become cheap and silly to the youngsters, and the elders lose their respect. It is the elders to practice, not the youngsters who would be happy to mingle with all and make fun.
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    Elders should behave very disciplined and they should behave matured with youngsters. Then only elders can demand respect from the young generation. When we behave politely with others they will also behave politely with us. This is natural.
    I have seen some elders who behave very decently and always maintain a distance with young people. They never involve in lose talk with them. Such people will command respect from the young generation. But some people unnecessarily poke in the issues of others and interfere. Such people will be asked to be in their limits and nobody will care for them.
    My father always maintains that distance with young people. He will tell his suggestion only when asked for. He never talks unnecessarily with the younger generation. He behaves very gently with everyone. I am learning from him and try to maintain the same.

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    Respect from the youngsters can be earned with the maintains some sort of distance and being decent at polite at the same time. Talking unnecessarily and advising them without having any request from their side is a kind of interference and such an attitude will dilute their respect to be earned from the youngsters. The youngsters know how they should behave with the old generation provided they see that the old generation is maintaining their atticacies while dealing with youngsters. A little precaution from the side of seniors will protect the bondage between the two generations which could be benificial for seniors and youngsters alike.

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    Respect is not demanded, it is commanded. We have to be very careful in treating the youngsters. If they ask our guidance we should give them the real useful and practical guidance and should not try to preach them. Youngsters want concrete help. They do not like preachings. They require teachings. We have to keep a control on our behaviour and manners while addressing and talking to them.
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