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    Price hike affects common people

    Generally, I don't go to the market to purchase vegetables because vegetable vendors carrying different vegetables on carts come in the streets and sell it, my wife and other neighbouring women also purchase vegetables from them. Yesterday I went to the vegetable market to purchase potatoes and some other things. Now the rate of potatoes is Rs 50/ per k.g. It's too much. I have never seen so much high rate of potatoes in my whole life. Who is responsible for this price hike? As of a few years ago it never raised beyond Rs 10/- Pulses are being sold @ Rs 100/- and more which never went up beyond Rs 30/- Those who are/were government employees/big businessmen price hike doesn't affect them but what about common people, how to survive in this present variable circumstances is a big question before them.
    Have really good days come for people?

    Can we expect that the government will think about these people and will take some steps to control the price hike of common commodities?
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    True. There is an increase in the prices of commodities. Good quality rice is costing about Rs.60/- per Kg. But many poor people are getting rice very cheaply from the government. They may be getting at Rs.2/- per Kg. But a common man who will not come under the poor section and who is earning some money from his job. is feeling the punch. He is not able to get two meals a day at least.
    Many people lost their jobs and there is no source of income because of the pandemic. They are not able to purchase essential commodities also. In addition to this, the prices are increasing and not at all in the reach of a common man. The rates of vegetables these days increased like anything and many people are not able to purchase these items.
    The governments should work out a strategy and see that the prices of these items will be under control. The policy should be in such a way that no one in the country will starve for food.

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