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    Feeling the friendly warmth back

    Due to Covid situation, we had stopped going out and socialising with friends and other people for quite some time and only when last month we found that the spread is less in our area we started our morning walk routine in the nearby parks where earlier we used to meet regularly in the morning and had chit chats as well as heated political discussions with our friends and had a lot of fun. But now the situation is totally different. Everyone is wearing a mask. Not coming near to each other. Raising hands in salutation, no handshake and of course no talking. Initially, it looked a bit awkward but now we have become habitual of it and silently do our walk and then leave for houses. We do not talk with each other but still, we feel a togetherness or we can call it the warmth of friendship that we feel even in such isolation. Have you experienced anything like that with your friends in your area?
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    I have no habit of going for morning walk outside. I walk inside the house only. These days I started plucking flowers early in the morning. So all the neighbours will be walking on the road and I started wishing them by lifting my hand. They are all wearing masks and they also lift their hands. No talking. Then go on their walk. I will be busy in plucking the flowers. Now we got accustomed to this.
    Slowly people started moving out. Some people are coming out even without masks. I am a little bit afraid to talk to such people. Once or twice some guests also came to our house to see us. Slowly normalcy is coming back. We feel happy when we see people moving out by taking all the required care and trying to keep safe.
    Once we get the vaccine, life will become busy. We can travel and move freely. I am very eagerly waiting for those days to come.

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    We should take it normally as we were taking it earlier. Wearing a mask and keeping a distance is more than enough. Covid19 is not such a disease which can be spread by merely touching each other or talking to each other. If someone is more cautious he can also use gloves but stop talking to each other and sitting together even at a distance is beyond perception. We should not cut our ties with people. These precautions are not for a few days but this practise should be adopted as a part of our lives.

    Generally, most of us are highly careless people. Many of us don't take pre-emptive steps to face such situations we get alert when alerts are issued to all and sundry. We realise it when the situation gets worse. We should have maturity in all aspects.

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    I was in the habit of brisk walk in the early morning and for that I stepped out of my residence as early as 5.30 am in the morning and such a walk continued for at least 45 minutes regularly. This practice was altogether discontinued since March this year and still the same pattern is being followed due to its spread in some pockets of Jharkhand. The sense of getting togetherness prevails within mind but alas this could be restored. In the meanwhile, my movement is confined to inner terrace of my apartment so as to have the satisfaction of some physical activity. Hope this phase would be over soon with the successful trial of corona vaccine. Once such an administration of vaccine starts, the fearness of the spread of the disease will come to an end. We will enjoy our activities as usual without the masks and not maintaining the safe distance either. That phase will be the most satisfying one since I would undertake some trips to meet our relatives.

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