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    Children does not have situation

    Ten days back I went to see a relative couple. During talking a call in his mobile came that His uncle was serious. When he communicate this news to his wife, their son,who was just ten years old, return from outside approached his father to tell something interestingly. The father got annoyed over the news got angry and beaten him. He ran to his mother who also beaten him by saying to understand the situation. The boy went to a corner by weeping. After some hours I came to my house. Last day I heard that his uncle expired. Since they are my distant relative I went to that house. There I saw the boy was playing with his age children outside the house. I called the person, my relative, told that children does not have enough age to understand situation, so we should control ourselves by showing the children were playing without minding death house.
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    That is very true. They will not understand the situation. They are innocent. They never think why elders are like that. We can't find fault with them. It is better to leave them the way they are so that they will not have any issue. Expecting them to behave maturely is not correct from outside.
    Once I have gone to my relative's house to see him as his old mother expired. The body was outside. All are sitting around. But a small boy may be of 2 years age was weeping and asking his mother to give him something to eat. She took away that boy from that place and managed.
    The elders should understand the situation and manage the children accordingly. Otherwise, if we try to punish the children, they will become further violent.

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    It's a fact that children and young boys don't understand the gravity of the situation because gravity comes with maturity. But it shows that parents are also not mature enough to understand this reality. Indeed, they were mentally disturbed because of the sudden serious condition of their father but they should have the ability to face all the situation even untoward too. Both parents beat their young child. He was happy to tell something to them. They had to listen to him and could tell him calmly that his grandfather was not well I hope he might have worried about his grandfather too because ten years old young boy understand such grave matters. Then he would not insist his parents listen to him.

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    It is the age and mindset that does this and definitely the mindset of children is very much different from us. They will not understand these things until they grow up and start understanding the serious things in our lives. In earlier times there was a tradition to involve the children from the early age in the rituals and other things and they used to get many ideas since early age. Today in the garb of modernisation, we have forgotten all those things and children are free to play or enjoy with their friends and to that extent it is our fault that we have not inculcated the cultural basics in them. May be that we ourselves do not have those cultural reminiscent in us so how can we teach it to our children.
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