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    Are you satisfied in every situation or take pride in success but make hue and cry on failures?

    Many people seem to be satisfied and happy with whatever they have got. Though they do further efforts for their progress and more achievements but they are not too much engrossed and bothered for the results. They always say that if they get success it would be a bonus for them. If some people have that type of satisfaction then definitely it is a great trait they possess. Most of us are not that type. We yearn and try hard and if do not get success complain about it on many platforms and make it a point and advertise everywhere that we lost because of external factors otherwise we were much capable and able. People may believe us or not, we feel happy with this. What is your take on this - be satisfied and happy in every condition or feel proud on success and make hue and cry on failures?
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    I am the most amicable person who knows very well that the success and failures are the part and parcel of our dally routine as I do not get elated over success as I have to get ready to face the flak or the challenging situations rushing ahead. Those who think that they would always be the winner and successful, probably they are over estimating themselves and not giving credence to the happenings around us which are against the wishes of our thoughts. Never be floored by the success stories of self or through others impetus to our growth, because such winning situation would not lost long and we would be back to normal. My way of life is very simple as we have to welcome the success and failures with same degree of acceptance as we should not feel more happy about achievements nor we should feel sorry with others on our setbacks and failures.
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    Why should we make somebody responsible for our failure. They have not liked my work, is not the correct thinking. I am not able to impress them with my work, should be the thinking. If we think we are correct but we were not evaluated properly, there is no scope for progress.
    If we are not successful in our attempt, we should self appraise ourselves and see where is the scope for betterment? What made us fail in our attempts should be searched and mend our ways. Instead of that if you start blaming the system, you can't be successful. Your energies should be focussed in one direction in which we will progress well. Blaming others or blaming the system is very easy and it will not give you any additional inputs. Introspection will give you positive results.

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    Being happy in every condition is good though it's not easy to stay happy all the time. We must understand that success and failure are associated with our lives and need to analyze the reasons for failure. The hue and cry will always complicate the issue and mostly it is done to put the blame on others for any failure. The satisfaction part creates a problem. There are many who do not wish to explore further if there is a feeling of satisfaction. This will not help in growth since moving ahead is always essential. If there is no exploration, there will be little or no growth and one will become stagnant. If the feeling of satisfaction helps one to set a new goal then it's good but if it makes somebody sluggish then it will not help to progress. I would say, being happy in every situation is what we need.

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    We should not be emotionally over stressed for our failures and should treat that it is a transition phase and the next phase is sure to come with our renewed effort. We should be above such phases when we are thinking of only success. The other alternative will be sense of satisfaction all the time. However, with the sense of satisfaction we would not like to have any indulgence with the new assignment. This would be a critical situation when one would not attempt a new assignment. In fact, we should strive for success all the times and such an attitude would allow us to forge ahead. Blaming other persons for our failure is not a right approach rather we should closely analyse the reason for failure and should mend the ways after a careful analysis.

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