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    Do we have right to tame others?

    Parents, teachers, well wishers and close relatives have right to tame us when we go wrong or make any wrong moves. They do so out of concern and affection on us. But there are out side people who are not necessarily our colleagues or close associates do take the extra liberty to correct us and tame us. Some times we get baffled as to who gave them the right to criticize or correct our moves. We can still consider elders doing so but certainly we get annoyed over others who are not at all connected to us in the past or present take rights to correct us.
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    I don't think if anybody has any interest to rectify your mistakes or ways if you go on a wrong path or indulge in wrong activity or have any wrong habit or going astray, rather people want that you should be destroyed, minimum sympathy is that they don't harm you by their own hands, rest they will not stop you from being destroyed. If you have chosen your ways of destruction, they will let you go, it's none of their business.

    In this age if anybody stops you from doing anything which he thinks is wrong for you or if anybody suggest you that you should not involve in any particular activity because it is harmful for you in the long run, I bet that he is the best person for you. As in this age of greed nobody cares of others, if someone cares it's the clear evidence that he loves you a lot.

    Parents are incomparable and unique creature whether their issues reject their suggestions they will not stop suggesting. You discard them they will embrace you. You leave them in lurch they will bless you

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    There are always criticisms from people when there is a good work done or when we are in a right path. It is you being the listener can give clarification stating that, you cannot accept their words and speak clearly about your thoughts.
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    All depends on how you receive them. Some people advise others as they want them to be progressed in their life and enjoy the success. If I see a small boy aged about 8 years smoking, definitely I will take the liberty of advising him not to indulge in such activities. I will try to explain to him the problems he may face or the health problems he may encounter and tell him to stop such activities. Even I will try to inform about the activities of that boy to their parents if I happened to know them or meet them. How the boy takes it is his own will and wish,
    These days people are very busy and they have no time to interfere in other person's activities. If somebody is doing it means we should take it positively and we should thank them. Many people never care about the welfare of other people's welfare. Many people will be happy about somebody is getting ruined. So we should look at the people who are advising us for our welfare.

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