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    Work is important but life is more important.

    While driving on the highway I came across not one but multiple people who were busy talking on their phone and at the same time driving at a high speed. Such people are not only putting their life in danger but also of others on the road.

    If the work is so important for them, they should either park their vehicle on the roadside and complete their call or get some bluetooth device installed in the vehicle. This will keep their both hands free for driving and also risk of accident minimised. Using one hand to hold the phone and driving with other hand is pretty risky. Even the attention is reduced while talking and such irresponsible behaviour puts life of many in danger.

    People must understand that they will be able work only if they stay alive. Respect yours as well as other people life and don't put them in danger just because of a phone call.
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    I do agree that work is important and has its own place of attention but surely not at the cost of our lives. People are careless while driving the vehicles with phones on and thus the concentration may slip and accident can take place. Invariably all the car owners who drive keep on talking over the phone and fail to notice the vehicles coming from behind and sides and thus cause accidents which is danger for them and others. And those who are driving the scooters or motorcycles seems to enjoy the songs while riding and thus with noise cancellation app they are not able to listen to the horns of other vehicles seeking side and thus met with accidents. Most of the accidents are occurring for cell phone conversation while driving and the law enforcing agencies are going strict over hefty punishable fines if found on camera.
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    I agree with the author that people should not talk while driving the bike. I think bike per se is quite an unsafe riding as it is quite open and so biking is always prone to accident. A slight carelessness results in a big loss, even of life. Using Bluetooth does not lessen the danger of an accident. While driving everybody should focus on driving, the distraction of mind entails untoward consequences.
    .Life is precious. We should not be so much careless and indifferent. Work is important but it is not as important as life is.

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    While driving bikes or cars, it has been observed that a lot of people are indulged with the cell phones and any horn sound of the objects behind their car or bike are not noticeable to them. It is understandable that they are the busy persons probably getting phones from the office regarding the latest schedules or any development occurred recently. It may even be the call of their family members but whoever is calling. They should not have attended the same and let it be known to their circles that they would not attend any call if they are on the roads driving their bikes or cars. Cell phones really become dangerous if attended the same in the midst of heavy traffic. Traffic police must be vigilant to nab such culprits.

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    It is sheer carelessness on the part of these people that they do so while driving. Some people want to show that they are ambidextrous and can handle simultaneous jobs even in driving conditions. This is strange that they are ready to put their lives at risk and become a threat for others as well. Life is not a circus that we do all sort of gymnastics while driving. Life is a thing to live in order and discipline. I have seen some people pressing the mobile phone between their head and shoulder and with great difficulty talking as well as working with both hands as if they have so much less time in hand. In fact, they are the idlers who many times just waste hours in just lying down or chit-chatting. Once these habits are formed then these people do it absent-mindedly and then only the accidents happen. These people do not like if someone points out that they are having such bad habits in them. They may become angry also and offend the person.
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    The author is absolutely right. Despite strict rules followed by traffic police all over the country, road accidents are at the top and every year this figure continues to increase. But, when you investigate the accident, you will find that the reason for most of the cases is the driver talking on the phone while driving. Most of the incidents happen due to indiscipline on the roads. As a result, law enforcement agencies continue to look for new options to ensure that the law is more strictly followed. The cell phone has become an important part of our life in race life. Take care never to use a cell phone while driving. It is not just for those who talk on the phone, read the messages on mobile or do something else, it all leads to your danger. If it is very important, then park the vehicle in a safe place and use a mobile. As the author correctly said that life is more important than any call or any work.
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    I appreciate the author's concern for safety. If you are careful also, if the opposite vehicle driver is not careful, you will be at a loss. Police people many times give warnings to these erring drivers. But they never understand the implications. Oneday a two-wheeler driver had a helmet and he kept his mobile between the ear and the helmet. He is busy in talking over the phone and he is in a hurry and driving very fast. He ignored the traffic rules and hit a person who is walking on the road. The person got injured. But the scooter driver vanished without seeing back what happened.
    Educated people should understand the importance of their social responsibility and behave in a proper man. But we are not seeing such behaviour with many people. The traffic rules must be made more stringent and heavy fines should be charged from erring drivers. There may be some improvement when these are implemented I feel.

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    Response #715877 of Umesh Sir is a perfect observation as many people try to be ambidextrous rather than being busy. I too have seen many people who just for sake of show off, talk on phone while driving and even congest the road by driving slow and causing unnecessary hassle to the other drivers.

    People should learn some basic driving etiquette.

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    A friend of mine who is call driver got frequent trips. In order to earn money on the availability, he accepted all trips. After completed four days continuous trips he returned home. But he fell sick seriously and for treatment he spent made than double of his four days earning.

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