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    Should we give vote to the Independent candidate?

    Now that the GHMC elections are slated for Hyderabad civic body for 1st Dec 2020 the parties are vying to woo voters in their own way. But in many divisions those who have been denied tickets by the respective parties are now contesting as Independent candidate and thus want to make a dent of parent party winning chance. In that case should we vote for the Independent candidate who happens to be former leader of the ruling party and in case he wins may join the same party. What is your view on Independent candidates contesting elections,?
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    If a candidate is fighting as independent the it has two implication. First is he is not happy with any party and may be wants to start a new party or join the best party out of the lot. Second is that he is not decisive about his loyalties and is not clear about the direction in which he has to join. This is a serious thing because if we vote for him and later he joins a party whose ideology is not as per our aspirations, we would be hurt and feel defeated in our voting.
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    Is that mean we take calculated risk in voting a Independent candidate who may switch sides?
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    It's your prerogative to vote for candidate of your choice. If you want suggestions whom you should vote for, then I can say if the candidate is good and you know him personally vote for him. These are local body elections. I don't think we should focus on party candidate. Assure all candidates to vote for them if they visit your home asking for vote. In local elections voters should not openly come with any particular candidate.

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    I think it's a personal choice but one has to give it some thoughts. Actually, politicians are very calculative and most of them contest elections thinking of their personal gains. Political parties have their own administration and hierarchies whereas independent candidates are not bound by such things and can always switch sides according to their whims. The most important thing in the local body elections is the fund allocated for development. Here the relationship of the independent candidate with the party forming the local/civic body can matter a lot. The independent candidate may be a good-natured person but if she/he is not popular enough among the local people and also not in friendly terms with the party forming the board, then funds may not be allocated in time.

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    An intelligent voter will go by the merits and demerits of the individual candidate who is contesting in the elections. In fact, I feel these local body elections should not be based on the parties. All candidates should contest individually and then they can select their leader. Then people will look into the qualities of the candidates. But when the elections are based on the party, these problems will come.
    These days for a single party ticket. there are many aspirants. The party can give the seat to only one person. So the other aspirants who failed to get a ticket or contesting as an independent. If the wins if may support the same party and he may get a very important position in the government.
    Many times independents will be contesting just for the sake of contesting. They may not even get the deposit back. So it is not wise to waste our vote by casting to such candidates. At the same time if a worthy candidate is contesting as independent we should never ignore him.

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