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    Kashmir witnesses first snowfall of the season on plains

    Kashmir has received the first snowfall of the season on plains plunging temperatures down. It is cold and electronic gadgets and traditional heating arrangement are necessary to keep warm. Though it adds to the enthralling and vibrant beauty of the valley, it also brings along some disruption in air and land traffic.

    Power cuts are a norm here as winter approaches electricity disappears; we lit the candles to light up our homes -practically taking us back to '90s! The main road connectivity that connects Kashmir valley to the rest of the country Srinagar-Jammu national high way gets disrupted (it has been closed right now due to snow) and the traffic on road halted for hours and days together due to snow.

    Snow-covered beauty brings with it little difficulties and disrupts normal life. But anyway it is incredible to see winters calling us back with the season's first snowfall!
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    For the people who regularly stay in that place, winter will be bringing some problems. But for a person who visits Kashmir, the places covered with snow will give a very good enthusiasm and inspiration. Two years back I visited Himachal Pradesh in December and I enjoyed the beauty there. Snow-covered mountains are really very good to watch.
    I hope this winter will bring some good experiences to the people staying in the valley and their lives there will improve for the better. The author narrated the situation there nicely and I appreciate his presentation.

    always confident

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    After reading this post my thoughts are running high to visit those places and enjoy the first season snowfall as in Hyderabad we will not have such opportunities nor we could see such snowfalls. Kashmir is the heaven for India and everyone of us must visit that place during the winter and enjoy the bountifulness of the nature and appreciate the way the heaven on earth and its people who are always ready to cope up with the extreme cold and minus degree in the valley. The snow covered mountains, the snow that engulfed the roof tops and the trees, and how the children would make the snow balls and hit each other are the scenes we have seen in videos and movies but never had the chance to be there. I want the members of this site who are in the valley right now to bring in more details of such snowfalls and its enjoyable movements.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The picturesque scenery of Kashmir during snowfall had been captured in so many films in India and it enthralled the audience not only in our country but also throughout the world. Kashmir is a place of natural beauty and beautiful locales which only tourists can appreciate. In winters there is a problem of transport and electricity supply but I think many measures are being taken up by the Govt for developing Kashmir and increasing its infrastructure set up. We hope that in coming times Kashmir will get its old glory back and will be crowded by the tourists which were once great contributors to its economy and development. Tourism is a great job provider and if tourism is developed in an area the area will definitely prosper. Switzerland is an example of this, where people maintain their houses and give it on rent to the tourists who enjoy the home like stay and pay the money for it. In fact during the boom time Kashmir was known as Switzerland of India.
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