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    What a gain, what a loss and what a difference in online shopping with Amazon and Flipkart!

    This is to discuss online shopping with Amazon & Flipkart. Who is the best?

    I wanted a Philips 20W LED bulb. The rates by two different agencies are as below.
    Amazon - One single bulb Cost Rs.310 + Delivery charge Rs. 40 = Rs. 350(For a single bulb)
    Flipkart - Two bulbs in one pack Cost Rs. 500 + Delivery charge Nil = 500 (Rs. 250/- for one)
    A difference of Rs. 100/- for one bulb.
    From a shop - The cost printed is Rs. 415/- (one bulb)

    I wanted a book " Constitution of India"(16th edition) (same book from two agencies)
    Amazon - Book cost Rs. 250 + Delivery charge Rs. 79 = Rs. 329
    Flipkart - Book cost Rs. 395+ Delivery charge Rs. 40 = Rs. 435 (A difference of Rs. 106/-)

    What a gain in bulb and what a loss in book? Can't understand. Can you comment on this?
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    Yes, it is true. In online shopping that great variations will be there in prices. In big items, the cost varies in thousands. So we have to research in different online shops before we buy an item. Some goods cost more at some times in Amazon and sometimes it will be less in Flipkart. So we have to grab the opportunity at right time to get a good deal. During festive season sales, big items like TV's, Laptops, Washing machines, etc. cost Rs.2000 to Rs.3000 rupees less. Anyhow when we compared to off-line shops definitely everything will be cheaper in online marketing and also we get plenty of varieties. With some particular debit and credit cards some times they give an extra 10% discount on the items. Recently I bought a basic laptop for Rs.19,117 on Flipkart and the same it cost around Rs.24000 on Amazon.

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    These things are quite usual when you purchase things online. Flipkart and Amazon both are popular online stores and while purchasing things you need to check all the terms and conditions like brand, warranty, return policy, etc and then go for the store that matches your budget. No one is best here and the pricing varies on many factors. In the case of books, the price may vary according to its version like paperback, hardcover, kindle, etc. If everything is similar in both the sites then you are going to order from the store that is offering it at less price.

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    This is very common these days. The cost of an item will vary from one seller to another seller online. There are no fixed prices. So we can't go by seeing on a single platform. A lot of research is required for choosing the site for the product you want. I don't know why these variations will come but variations will be there.
    When we want to purchase a product decide on the specifications search on various sites and select the site where the cost is low. Some times the delivery times may vary. If you want the item quickly, you may have to pay a little more. If you can wait for some time you may get it for a less price. There may be minor differences in the quality of the product also. These differences are also responsible for the variation in prices.
    The advantage of online marketing is that the time spend on marketing will be less and you need not spend any money in commuting.

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