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    Will the common people not be disturbed ?

    Ten Trade Unínions have called an All India Strike on 26the November 2020 in all parts of the country. Some political parties are also supporting this Bharat Bandh protest. Several Farmers Unions have also been reported of participating in this protest. The united platform of the peasants' organisations, the All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC), have also extended support to the general strike. They are coming to streets to show their anger against governments policies, which according to them, are anti labourers, anti farmers and anti-common people. They are against the privatization of government units. They say that the government should not sell government units to the corporate sector.
    In protest against anti-labour law, All India Bank Employees Association (AIBEA) is also participating in this strike.

    Bahujan Samaj Group is also coming in their support to protest against the government. Their voice is for upholding the constitution of India. They are of opinion that the Constitution of India is in danger.

    The unions who are participating in November 26 strike are All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), All India Central Council of Trade Unions (AICCTU), Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), All India United Trade Union Centre (AIUTUC), Trade Union Co-ordination Centre (TUCC), Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS), Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA), Labour Progressive Federation (LPF) and United Trade Union Congress (UTUC)

    I don't understand if they really should come to the streets to disrupt other people routine activities?

    What do you think about this protest?
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    Every year a one day strike by all the unions has become a common issue. All trade unions except one or two unions will participate in this and all the industries will be closed for a day. It is a real loss of productivity to the country and how the unions are getting benefitted with this one-day bandh is not known to me.
    Many factories are declaring a compensatory holiday on this day and the workers working on another day to compensate. How it can be termed as a strike is also not known. However many people will suffer because of this. A daily wage worker will lose his day's wage and who will compensate him for that is not known. I think unions should think seriously about this and should not indulge in such aimless agitations. Otherwise, the common man will suffer and many people will go without food for a day.

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    Before resorting to the strike launched by several unions, they should have displayed their annoyance before the public to garner their support in the upcoming strike invited by them. They are definitely following anti labour policy since there are many casual labours in the installations helping in raising productivity. They are extremely poor labours earning meagre amount per day to sustain the expense of their families. Such a strike even for a day for the labours would amount to irreparable loss of their earnings. They are known to support the labour classes but their roles in such strikes seem to be contradictory. It is not the question of a single industry but they are to show their muscle strength in numerous organisations causing enormous loss to the entire lession.

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    People will be inconvenienced as the strikers will hit the streets and demonstrate at various places. If All India Bank Employees Association also participates in the strike then transactions in the banking sector will suffer. Though strike may be a form of protest, this token strike will not be of any use. Surprisingly, the said anti-people policies of the government have neither been implemented yesterday nor a week earlier and implementation of the policies is a regular affair of any government. I think they have chosen the particular day 26th November as it is observed as the Constitution Day or Samvidhan Divas in our country. Strikes may have some effect if it is sudden and called after a particular policy change or introduction, but if it is announced a couple of months earlier and advertised at regular intervals it becomes just a token. If they think that the policies of the government are anti-people they could have jointly hit the streets when such policies were announced.

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    The total shut down or the Hartal call given by political parties and unions does not have the formidable back up because people are now coming to the terms of real life and they do not want to incur further loss by observing shut down for the day. The very existence of the life has become questionable with hand to mouth feed, In this challenging situation people are angry over any move to curtail their freedom of movement and asking for shut down of services as they want to recoup what has been lost. So I feel the so called Bharath Bandh call given by various outfits would be flop.
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    Strikes are not a new things. There were so many strikes in the past that the common people might have forgotten as our memories are weak in that respect. I fully remember earlier school and college strike was so common and we used to witness it many times at many places. I also remember the time when the Govt staff used to be very negligent and we could see them roaming in nearby areas during office time. In fact strikes have tremendously gone down in recent times and that is probably is not being digested by some opposition parties who are very much jealous and concerned about the success of the present Govt. Now there are some forces behind these strikes that are going to take place now. People are worried that if Govt jobs are reduced then our good time will not be there. It is only in Govt department that one can enjoy the job with minimal work and maximum benefits and if Govt is going to reduce them it is going to be a big blow for these people. Another interesting thing is Govt wants to encourage industry and self employment which is a difficult proposition and one has to work hard for that which these people do not like as they do not want to work. So they will pressurise the Govt by this. That is the only motive. Who bothers for the inconvenience of the common people. No Govt employee wants to work in private because of obvious reasons and I need not to elaborate on that.
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    Whenever strike or such things are there then the common people only are affected. There are so many who get money on daily basis by doing labour or other small work in the houses. They are called by people for fixing of one thing or other in the houses and every time we pay them some money as per that job done. We do a lot of bargaining also with them as so many of them are ready there to do it at a less money also. These are the people who suffer a lot in strike conditions. They cannot go out and work as the volunteer will chase them back to their houses and warn them not to go on work.
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    The way force is being used against farmers a large number of people are raising their objection on it. They say that In a democratic country people have the right to protest peacefully against the system.

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    We suffered a lot. Due to pandemic and lockdown, we had already spent many tens of days in Bandh like situation. And if we go ahead with a bandh like this, it won't be effective at this juncture. A bad and untimely decision by the union leaders.

    If we say that a government is Of the People, For the People, and By the people, in which way the Hartal by the people will be effective. Hartal, strike, protests, and bandh have become meaningless. They don't yield any fruitful results. It is really a disturbance to the common public.

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    Nothing such happened and the hartal call was a failure as the people know that they are limping back to normalcy and anything done to prevent economy from staling would effect them very much. The people are more educated and more informed about the happenings now and they do not fall prey to the unwanted calls for total shutdown and that is against the law. No body is stopping to protest in peace but not at the cost of stalling the progress and forcefully closing the shops and establishment. India is changing fast in this direction and even political parties are not sure about their call for bandh.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now the government has allowed them to enter Delhi and assured them to ponder over their grievances. I appreciate the government for this positive step.

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