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    Identify the child within yourself

    According to the advanced applied behavioral sciences concept of Transactional Analysis, there are three ego states within every human being. These three ego states are the Parent, Adult and Child. The parental ego state is the sum of all influences that are adopted by us from our parents and we tend to behave like either parent, when we are just five or six years old. A fabulously memorial take on this ego state can be seen in the National Award winning movie, "Nayagan" by Manirathiram, the ace director. Kamal Hassan, the don would have two children. The first child, a boy would enact a role play when he will ask another boy of his age "what is your problem?". The Adult ego state is all that follows from a mature understanding of any reaction, that is expected of an Adult, while the child ego state, is all that comes from our childhood experiences. We tend to behave like a child, even when we are thirty years old.

    Advanced search in behavioral sciences indicates thar the child ego state also includes the child-like curiosity and creativity that we tend to carry within ourselves. This gets a positive meaning when we start giving some shape to it. All out-of-box thinking comes only when we are in child ego state. Everything that concerns our natural behavioral responses and take us through a good journey of good and meaningful relationships with all who matter in our lives, happens only when we are able to give full expression to our child ego state.

    The best of doing it is to have occasions when we start sharing beautiful moments of happiness with our family members and friends. It is that natural behavior that is dormant within ourselves.

    Why not give that a serious try and get going?
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    True. A child will be there somewhere inside every human being. That will not be visible to others. But come out during some occasions. When we watch a movie, some time without our knowledge we start clapping and sometimes we start crying also. Those times the child in us will come out and dominate us. Sometimes when we review our actions we ourselves feel that we behaved in an immature way. That indicates that there is a child in us. When we are without any inhibitions and apprehensions the child in us will make his appearance and sometimes we can enjoy those moments.
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    The author has emphatically elucidated mainly three roles of a person. Each stage has a different behaviour, different traits, different ways of dealing etc but childhood as the title suggests is the best stage of a person. It's incomparable. Its value is beyond to be scaled it measured. The children don't know what a lie, grudge, hatred, meanness are. Children quarrel with each other but next moment you will see them playing together. They don't keep any wrong thought for each other. but when these children become adult all the badness house in them. Would that each of us might be like a child.

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    Since we are all grown up from the child stage, the influence, the behavior and other traits of childhood would be present in us even though we become big and even elder and that is the reason being so even for the elders our father or mother is the child for them no matter our parents are also grown up to the stage and even became senior. And each one us are the great follower of one habit or the other during the childhood and that not only testifies our presence and we take that legacy forward and that is the reason being so the childhood habits wont die and we are recognized through those rare behaviors.
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    Once I went to Mumbai. When I was roaming in Juhu side, I saw a shop with cone ice cream. Though I crossed 56 years then, I wished to eat one but with some shy I hesitate to buy. But when I crossed the road, saw a pandit aged more than mine, hold a cone and eating on the roadside. By seeing that my shyness flew away and I took cone in two flavours and enjoyed.

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    This is an interesting post. We all have a child hidden beneath our serious gestures. We stop it coming out often due to social or other reasons. Given an opportunity being child once again would be an interesting thing. Everyone will like to have that to enjoy that childhood bliss again in our lives. I have seen some elders sometimes intentionally behaving like children and enjoying out of it.
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    Though human beings mature with time but it is a psychological fact that the child in them remains active throughout the life and sometimes in conducive environment it comes out. I recollect a hindi story by Munshi Prem Chand in which the elder brother is very serious and mature and the younger brother is very playful and fun loving. The story belongs to a village background in old times when elders were given too much respect in the family. So, in that story the elder brother asks the younger to concentrate in studies and not to waste time here and there. At the end of the year unfortunately the elder fails in the exam and younger one passes. Subsequent to this one day the younger to his surprise sees the elder brother behaving childishly by running after a kite which was flying just above his head. So the hidden child in the elder came out that day which made the younger brother surprised and amazed.
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