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    With the changing times, people need to understand the importance of vocational education.

    It is really difficult to find a good job in today's fast-paced life and competitive world. Vocational education is a benefit that trains students for specific jobs. Vocational education is also popular as technical or career education, it provides a clear edge in career goals as it imparts expertise and knowledge in a specific discipline.

    The courses prepare them for a specific job. Vocational education programs are of shorter duration and less expensive than traditional academic educational programs.

    Not only are students benefiting, but there is also a growing need for skilled labor. High-quality vocational education and skilled manpower are essential for economic development. Graduates with traditional academic tutoring and degrees are not prepared for the job and lack the skills to meet job requirements. There is a high demand for skilled manpower in various industries around the world.
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    Yes right Swati. My younger brother have also done Horticulture vocational course in Canada. He applied it from DAFFODILS STUDY ABROAD PVT LTD Now he is doing job there as a Horticulture Technician. Vocational courses are really better comparatively doing degree alone.

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    100% true. SImple bookish knowledge will never give the required skill to the student. That is why the concept of vocational education is introduced. In this education, students will get skill in a particular trade. For example in Intermediate vocational course, there are many trades from which you can select a field of your liking. Carpentry is one subject and then electrical wiring is another subject. The students opting for these courses will get trained well and they can start earning by doing their own business in the line of their skill.
    There are many advantages to these courses. In the new education policy by the Indian government is trying to give a big lift to this type of education. We all know the demand that is existing in society for these technicians. An electrical can easily earn Rs. 1000/- a day if he attends two housework per day.

    always confident

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