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    A service business that is booming...

    Once upon a time, that is, some 45 years ago, we would come together to spend over 25 days in our ascestral home in a lovely village near Kumbakonam, a nice temple town in South Tamil Nadu. One routine activity of all girls, that is, any girl between thr age of seven and even eighteen would be to apply Mehendi on both their hands and fingers. However, the hands would not have the Mehendi at all. Only the palms and fingers would have a red color and then there will be a lit bit of shopping to buy the four or five variety of glass bangles from thr nearest town. The Mehendi tree was there aplenty. We have four of them.the cost: zero.

    Cut to 2020. My daughter s engagement is round the corner. Cost is never the issue. A full army of professionals and their contact numbers and even websites are given to get the ultra modern version of Mehendi done. Finally, a professional charged Rs3500/-, with a firm warning that the mehendi should not be washed for eight hours. The transport cost is another Rs200/- since the professional has managed to come from her home some six hours away on a day, when it has heavily rained in most parts of Chennai.

    One is told that to get this done( the process takes a full three to four hours) , some professionals charge Rs10,000,/-. There are takers for this amount too.

    Times have changed. Professionalism has set in everywhere. This service is booming all over.
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    That is correct, so many services have mushroomed now in the society and those who can afford are paying for it. Earlier many things we were doing in old ways either by going to the village or doing things ourselves but now the times have changed and in everything there is professionalism. It is one way good that these things have created some employment for the people otherwise they will roam here and there disturbing other people and creating nuisance. The problem is that many people do not like to do these jobs thinking that they are the menial ones and they are always in search of some white collar job even like a peon or lower level clerk job in the offices.
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    The pure Henna, mehendi or Marudhani in Tamil would neverl get such late to ripe on the hands and legs and probably the professional has been using the chemical based henna to have bright color and that is the reason the time bound service was stated for best results. In Hyderabad we have instant Mehendi products which can bring colors to the hands and legs within 10 minutes of applying and it contains the eucalyptus plant lotion and that would bring in fragrance and colors. But the professional seems to have fooled the author and his family by charging too much for a too little service and thus one must consult others in every issue. By the way why the author chosen the professional Mehendi designer for this job as the house hold people have the talent to draw the designs and make the bride to look more beautiful.
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    Generally all people, ladies in particular never feel bad to spend some time and money for appearing better. That is why these days there are many opportunities to beauticians to earn good money. They are in demand these days.
    Henna is a very famous item for ladies. Even in earlier days ladies used this henna for decorating their hands and feet. These days beauticians developed special skills in applying this to the hands and feet. Many different designs are there now. They can make the person look better with their decorative skills.
    The marriage functions are being celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm.. All ladies definitely will apply this henna. Two or three girls sit and apply this henna one by one to all the ladies.
    As mentioned by the author this is a very good service business and growing fast. Ladies who have talent can try and start getting into this profession may be good.

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    Today we are following the western world where Govt jobs are few and people either work in private organisations or try for self employment and that is the reason that dignity of work is there. They are able to survive as their population is less and people can search some avenues of earning. In our country Govt is a big employer not because so many Govt jobs are there. Mainly to engage people. Private organisations will not employ more people. They will keep computer and automated systems which help them in increasing productivity and they have less hassles of managing the large number of employees also. So, in our country becoming self employed is a difficult task.
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    Initially, applying mehndi on hands was simply a hobby and pass time. Women would apply to each others' hands and legs during summer for coldness. But gradually when someone girls became known for applying mehndi on hands they begin to take some charges for their services, and over the time it changed into a profession. Now many institutions offer mehndi courses and confer certificates after successful completion of course. Many girls are earning a good amount of money. Now they are self-dependent. It's good to see them earning money. In every corner, we can see these professionals are now mushrooming and charging money as per their experience, assignment and parry which hires them.

    Another Field of make-up is also spreading everywhere. New beauticians are emerging and opening parlour, mehndi facility is also there. During marriage season these people earn large amount, especially, on the occasion of marriage or marriage anniversaries or such special occasion they charge a big amount as their fee. and people are hiring them. Their demand is increasing day by day.

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