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    Learning opportunities are everywhere

    The world is full of learning opportunities. Whichever field we choose to study or learn there are ample of new information and knowledge elements present there to learn and acquire experience. Apparently people feel that there are only some limited fields where learning is there. Some say that IT is the real learning field while some say that literature is the real one. It is a misconception to think so. Every field is important and it is only when we enter there we find how deep and varied it is. So before we get an erroneous prejudice in our mind about a particular subject it is advisable to find out what it really contains and what it is about and then only go for another one. Just thinking that one course is inferior to other is not a good approach in pursuit of knowledge and learning. What do the members think about this?
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    It is absolutely correct. Every subject deals with a specific issue and has its own importance. It all depends on one's choice. There cannot be any comparison between the subjects. History has its own importance, so is Science or Literature. There is no end to learning and as long as someone wishes she/he will be able to continue learning new things. There may be some preconceived idea about learning a particular subject and I would say it's a misconception to think one subject better than the other. Advancement is there in every field and one has to remain aware of it. I think advancement in the technical field is so huge that at times keeping track with it may seem difficult. Maybe that's why some people have developed such misconception about subjects related to some technical domains.

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    It is true that the learning opportunities are prevailing and present everywhere around us and we are evading the same for the better prospects or something more than the present opportunities and in that melee, we have lost many good chances ,which may be small offer in the beginning but that would have become the biggest asset in future to which we often regret for having missed. Opportunities would come through direct intervention, or through the friends influence, or through our own traits which would have impressed others and they want to take us or try us. One thing is sure, those who are the performers, need not fear for opportunities and chances , as they are truly followed by those who want their presence for the company or Industry and that is the reason being so good employees are always on great demand.
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    I agree with the author that everywhere are opportunities and new avenues of knowledge and learning for one who wants to explore the realm of knowledge. But merely acknowledging is not ample, rather, dedication and consistency are also required for better results. Ocean of knowledge is quite vast. It's immeasurable and unfathomable. If someone wants to go in literature he can't cover it all, maximum he goes for one branch of literature, moreover, he can be able to have accessibility to a sub-branch of the main branch of literature. e..g. If someone wants to do have deep knowledge of poetry. He can't have the knowledge of poetry in full. Only partially, he can explore poetry.

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    Education is like an ocean, we cannot gobble up all the water, we can only drink sip by sip. Satisfaction is a time constraint, again the thirst continues to exist until we exit from this eternal world. Each field of education has its own career which tends to exist spontaneously expecting polish in its approach to stand in pace with the technology and trend. According to the need of the hour the employee has to polish his skills, attain necessary education to be equivalent to the freshers without which his role becomes a question or he would be jobless.
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    This reminds me of my childhood when I was a student of class IX and frequently visited my village which was about 4-5 km on foot from my town where I lived. My duty was to go every fortnight there and take the essential household items for my grandmother. She already had grains from the fields but required some items like oil, spices, tea, japery etc from the town. She lived there alone as she disliked the ways of living in the town. Many times during weekends or holidays I stayed there for 3-4 days at a stretch and during that time I saw her doing all sorts of things which today we learn from internet. How to make oil from peach kernels in 4 hours by hammering and squeezing them? I learned from her. She had never gone to school and could only read some big letters written in Hindi. But she had so many religious songs in her memory that she chanted them often. Today we talk of meditation and concentration and focus, she was doing it that time in the morning for hours sitting in the Puja room and focussing in her prayers. There are learning opportunities in every situation only thing is we should have an inclination for them.
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    There should not be any comparison between the two subjects since we are dealing with different materials and in that situation, we cannot have the comparison regarding their superiority. While studying History, we may be familiar with the charecters of queen Victoria and Akbar and so on but the subject of chemistry would relate to internal structure of atoms, Rault's Law, chemical equilibrium etc. Both the subjects are exhaustive and as we go the higher classes, we would feel the vastness of such subjects. Similarly, Economics cannot be compared with English Literature because of treatment of the different aspects.
    Bright career can be achieved with the mastering any subject irrespective of their streams. Science subjects alone would provide us lucrative career where as it is incorrect to say that Humanity Stream lacks that potential. Instead of having the attitude of comparison, we should enjoy the subjects in their original forms and strive hard to gain knowledge.

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    Knowledge is endless and it is like an ocean. What we can learn in our life time is not even a single drop of water. So learning is an endless process. We will start learning from the time we are in our mother's womb. Who taught us crying. The first thing any child will do is crying. This the child will learn before he comes out. This learning process will continue till we have our lost breath.
    We can't all the food in the plate at one time. Similarly you can' t learn everything at one time. There are many subjects. In each subject there are many specialisations. So we have to start from basics of each subject what you choose to learn. Every field has its own specialities.
    There is no age limit also to Leeann. One should have the interest to learn. Then ever thing is possible. All subjects are good and if you have good understanding of that subject you can do wonders and we need not think some subjects are useless.

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