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    63 percent of the Indians feels that corruption under check, Is that so?

    An Independent survey organization which carried a sample survey across the world has come to the conclusion that corruption in India has been in the wane and 63 percent of Indians feel that the govt is taking all measures to contain the corruption and putting a check to end the corruption. The same survey also pointed out that India leads with 39 percent corruption globally. Should we take this survey a good progress or get to worry about reducing that 39 percent corruption percentage ? What is your view on this matter?
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    Corruption is a disease more dangerous than the cancer. So far it has no cure. But with efforts it can be reduced and contained. It is natural to think that for that a good governance is required. Most of the leaders, politicians, and people in position are having wealth in crore of rupees which has no justification. When caught they tell that their agriculture land grows gold. Sometimes they say that they did a business and it was so successful that they earned crore of rupees. In my garden I am not able to grow vegetables sufficient even for a month but in their ancestral farms they are able to grow gold. Many people are resorting to business but are failing miserably except the politicians and higher officials who are always successful in it and minting money. It is ridiculous but they most of the times win the case in the courts and laugh to their coffers happily.

    So even if we get an information or data that corruption is decreasing may be even by a slight percentage, it is a good news because it gives us a hope that it might go down further.

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    This survey might have been conducted either sitting in an air conditioned room or with some limited number of people. Corruption is the integral part of our system. We can't breathe without corruption. It's beyond our imagination that we have no more corruption in dispensation. However, in private sector corruption can't be practiced because just a complaint will get the employee backfired then and there. But in government sector , There is not even remote possibility that corruption will ever be uprooted. Reason is when a candidate is selected by paying 1 million rupees, obviously, he will recover it first. This cycle is unending. When a candidate gets admission in M.B.B.S. after investing 10 million then - Will he not take this amount back ? When a politicians buys a ticket and spends several crore of rupees in election campaign - will he not earn this amount first ? Why is this horse trading going on in our country ? Who are responsible for all these scams ?
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    As situation going on, corruption is part of our life. It has entered in all walks of life whether sports or education or politics. Mostly person might have suffered this corruption in the journey of their life. Nobody can deny from it. Now a days, those people are getting success who believe in taking or giving bribe. So, rich people getting richer and poor people getting more poor as a result of corruption. Govt always try to take different steps to control corruption but it has been fail. I always hear in the news, this or that politician has acquired more property than income as well as matches are being played on money basis. So, it is wrong to say that corruption is towards wane but its root is getting strong day by day.

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    Any survey or study is not conclusive as it is based on a sample and mostly the sample data are not accurate. Corruption is deep-rooted and an integral part of people's lives, be it Government or the Private sector. We do criticize corruption in Government departments and employees but the private sector is no different. Government employees are as corrupt as ever and the methods of taking bribes have changed but not their intention. Common people daily face such issues at each level of work with Government departments but cannot protest as they have to get their work done and going against them will put them in a fix only.

    No doubt big scams are now not very common which was common news in past but yet the situation is only a few notches better than before. Still, something is better than nothing, and a lot more time will be needed for the system to get cleaned up. A lot of integrity among individuals is needed from bottom to top to get good clean governance. I don't expect the same in my lifetime.

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    Corruption has been part of our Indian System and it would hardly vanish. If we ask our children to complete their homework as early as possible. They would agree with us on the condition that they would be allowed to play afterwards with their friends. Some would demand toffees in lieu of early completion of the tasks. Henceeven the corruption starts from home though in mild form.
    Though everyone is talking the ill effects of corruption, but there is no way to get rid of the deep rooted corruption lying in our system. Hence to achieve a clean governance, it should start from the government and should percolate down to the low level. It can certainly be minimised with the exertion of strong will power of the government and the supporting attitude of the public to contain the same.
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    The corruption that is being spoken about is not part of the country but the psyche of the individual Indian. If the wish isto stop corruption completely then it is nigh impossible without first rectifying the moral behaviour of every individual that resides in the said country or state in our case India. Strong moral laws must be implemented both at the bottom and at the top inside the home and outside in the public. Both the individual and the community must participate in implementing these laws everywhere at all levels irrespective of race, religion and gender also these laws must be beyond any caste, creed or any such social construct including weath or status. Only then can we accept that some change is bought into the system as a whole.

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    I don't think the data is accurate with 63 percent. Corruption cannot be eradicated. As long as the earth rotates, corruption would also follow and rotate.

    The survey team must have enquired 100 people "What do you think about corruption. Is it reduced or increased? 63 people must have answered as "Reduced". Survey completed and published.

    Instead they should have identified and asked 100 corrupt people "Are you still corrupt. Tell the truth?" and got the answer. That would tell the truth about the reduction in corruption.

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    All surveys will have their own limitations. The number of samples and the sampling method will have a lot of impact on the survey result. How many people were interviewed and what is their education level and what is their profession will also have a heavy impact on the survey result.
    Once the online transactions are increased, there is a chance for the reduction in corruption. But how much the survey reflects the facts is always a big question only.
    Personally, I feel the corruption at lower levels is still there and there is no reduction. 99% of political leaders are corrupt only. They may not survive in politics if there is no corruption. The people in governance will make a lot of money. But there is a reduction in the highest level especially in central government there is a reduction. This is my feeling but I may be wrong also. The chances are very less for reducing corruption. Every party is spending crores of rupees in elections. If there is no corruption wherefrom they will get money.

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    Can a sample survey use the term 63% of Indians have said something or are in favour of something? If it is so then they need to conduct the survey covering the entire population of the country which I am not aware of. Maybe 63% of people whom they surveyed said that corruption in the country has reduced. When I look around, I do not find that corruption has reduced and to me, it is increasing regularly. Certain illegal businesses are taking place in some localities and the authorities just look the other way when people raise a complaint. During election to the local bodies, the tendency of the candidates is to win by hook or crook because they know with a win their earning may increase manifold and this increment in earning is not through legal ways. I agree red-tapism has reduced a lot and the processes to conduct businesses or doing certain tasks are not much complicated these days and there is redressal mechanism in place. Government is trying to reduce corruption through various ways but corrupt people do not change so easily. Though I find this piece of information encouraging that some people think corruption has reduced and actually we all want this only.

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