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    Mumbai Terror attack anniversary. What measures we have taken?

    India can never forget the terror attack on Mumbai on this day which lost 252 lives including some lives of foreign citizens who came for sight seeing. But what action the government has taken to prevent such gruesome attack on innocent people. The terror plot was well masterminded and it created the havoc in the minds of Mumbaikars then. On every anniversary the government takes pledge to stop terrorism emanating from across the border but what action has been taken to book the mastermind of this inhuman act?
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    Mumbai terror attack was a horrible incident which shattered the entire city. All involved terrorists were killed. Besides several civilians including foreigners we lost several police officers also . In which brave officer Hemant Karkare along with other officers was also killed. "Who killed Hemant Karkare" by Maharshtra ex IGP S.M.Mushrif was also in news . I have not read it though but I have heard about this book. Even the writer was questioned by High Court for attributing his killing to a particular section .

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    Mumbai terror attack is a ghostly act. Many lost their lives. Very cruel people who never cared for their lives and also for other's lives. We should not show mercy on the people who are planning such activities. The governments should not allow such activities and the law should be much more stringent and should punish severely so that other people have a fear for doing such acts.
    The neighbouring countries are training such people and leaving them on our country. The present government has done well and the terrorist activities are reduced to. Lot of extent. We have to show our capabilities also to others instead of always taking about peace and good relations with neighbours.
    I hope the government will further tighten the security measures and see that such cowardly acts will never be carried out. People should also cooperate with the government and extended their help in maintaining law and order properly.

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    Govt has taken many measures in this line like strengthening our intelligence forces, developing a better network of intelligence agencies, concentrating more on these threats through monitoring of the terrorists and other elements moving here and there and in toto there are many measures Govt has taken and contemplating more. Unfortunately there are some elements in our country may be drug mafia or anti nationals who are having hand in gloves with these intruders and they help them indirectly to get success in their bad intentions. So I am worried for the bad elements inside our country more, than these hired people, who do not have any patriotism of any sort and just for money they are helping these outsiders who want to create problems in our country. There is a big nexus in this and as per the news and information in media there could be some big people associated in this and if it is so then it is very difficult for any Govt to check this because your own people are doing harm to you in a disguise of a reputed person in the society. Some of these people are very influential and have money power and can do anything they want using their powers and money and nexus with mafia heads sitting in foreign countries. So we are having a very complex situation and we have to be more careful from the bad elements within the country rather than the handful of terrorists coming sometimes and killing innocent people. If we can catch these internal bad people, the terrorists would stop coming here as there will be no one to help and protect them.
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    Mumbai terrorist attack was horrible and took several lives. It's been several years but still we are not able to control terrorism. Terrorists are still active especially in J&K and still playing with the lives of people.

    It's sad that the youngsters are brain washed by the dons and involve in this gruesome act. Ajmal Kasab who was the main culprit got the right treatment who just for the financial gain killed so many people.


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    The darkest day ever in the history of India's industrial city, Mumbai, which hardly anyone wants to remember. Yes, whoever would have become a witness of this dark day would surely remember this day and go to the trek. Just imagine what you can imagine when some people in front of your eyes with a gun in their hands close their eyes and shoot bullets at innocent people. Maybe you won't have a word for it. This was one of the biggest terrorist attacks on the country when a few Pakistani Indians entered through the sea and targeted innocent Indian citizens.
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