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    Let the rural folks be involved in the educational processes

    One does not know what is happening in other States; in Tamil Nadu, the Tamil newspapers do not seem to giving accurate details of the so-called New Educational Policy. Hence, when asked about the finer details, since I was myself not clear as to how it will ultimately pan out, I was not able to give my opinion.

    Be that as it may, both the State and Central Governments should compulsorily involve the local rural leaders at every level and make them part of any change; if they are involved, they will extend their co-operation in ways more than one and extend all co-operation. Let us be the priority number one.
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    Sivakumar, what is it that you are trying to convey? Can you make your point clear? Educational policy, rural leaders?

    When you raise a thread, it should convey some meaning. It should not be constructed in such a way that we, who respond, should be asking questions.

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    Government has brought New educational policy and we can expect that the new educational policy will spread the wings of literacy rate in remote areas as well and educational scenerio will be changed. It will grow most advanced generation.

    What the author has written about inclusion of local people in implementation of this new education policy especially in educationally backward and rural areas can be taken as a valid point. In this whole process head of the village and other responsible people should come forward to help in implementation of this new educational policy so that success can be resulted.

    I hope the author will elucidate his post and ractify my content if I have not understood his view point in this thread correctly.

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    I fail to understand the c0onnection between new education policy and rural leaders. How rural leaders will be coming into picture for new education policy? The government has appointed a committee to look into the subject and give a proposal for the new education policy. In this academicians, scientists and industrialists are involved, I think. What is the necessity of rural folks in this? Ok, the committee should consider the needs of the rural folk also. SO the members of the committee might have studied the position of rural folk in the present education process. I feel it is not necessary to involve political leaders either from an urban area or from rural areas in this committee. I feel the proposed scheme should be studied by the people involved in the system.
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    What I feel that the author sees everything from the Tamil Nadu point of view and would not come out of box. When the national educational policy is made it is for the rural and urban and entire nation and there is no doubt about it. In Tamil Nadu when the leaders and the people are not interested to learn more than the Tamil then what interest the rural leaders would supposed to take as suggested by the author. One thing is sure those states which are not going to cooperate or come along with the NAP then they are missing the bus of new education and thereafter great opportunities career wise and TN seems to be sulking to accept such a change as the people are high eroded from the thought process of good education for future as both Dravidian parties fear that Hindi would be imposed from back door.
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    As a matter of fact, we have to involve rural people and their leaders in all sort of educational processes either the old one or the new one. Association and participation is the key for the success of any scheme or project. Only thing is what should be the modus operandi of such an involvement and how it is to be done is a question that is raised in our minds after reading this post.
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