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    What will happen if satellites stop functioning

    I was just wondering about this matter if all satellites stop functioning then what will happen in the entire world and how this unprecedented incident will affect our lives as a whole.

    Today we depend on technology beyond our perception without observing ifs and buts. We have cut off our hands with technology. If it ever happens that all satellites orbiting in the space around our planet get disconnected with us and we face the complete failure of the whole system which is run because of existing satellites how this entire world will get changed. Considering this reality that satellites are indispensable for almost every activity on this planet.
    First, we may consider how these events could happen.
    - It may happen due to a massive solar storm disturb our satellite communication system.
    - We face a cyber attack disabling the GPS, and debris knocking out Earth-monitoring satellites.

    Then the real problems start. Our phones will stop working. We will not be able to visit ISC as it will go off. We will be disconnected from social media - WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram etc. We will be longing for talking to our family and friends if we are residing away from home. Our offices will go on a long holiday. We will no more be fired by our boss. Airlines will stop their flights and those aeroplanes which are still flying in the air will find it too precarious to land at any airport. Railways will get standstill and railway signals will go permanently red. The banking system will collapse. Account-holders will be standing in queues for withdrawing their money and bank staff will be breaking their heads how to give them money. the weather department will close their computer rooms. And lovers will be rushing towards their lasses to fulfil their promise of dating.

    Apart from taking it lightly, serious implications are far more reaching.
    Probably, will go back in the stone age.
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    Even though the author imagined a system, it may happen sometimes. There will be a complete disturbance in our daily routine. We will go back to 70s and 80s. Landlines will work. As there is no involvement satellite in that system.
    Buses, trains and flights will run as it is. Electronics usage will come down.
    Communication will become very difficult. We have to go back to cards, inland covers and covers system. No emails. All hard copies only. Virtual files are not possible. All real files only.
    I think there may be a fall back arrangement and within no time another satellite may be launched. Otherwise, communications will become very problematic.
    In Corona lockdown, the only way of communication is mobile-only. In such a situation what the author imagined might have created havoc if at all happened.

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    Well, I think even if it happens it will not last for a long time. Communications may come to a standstill for a certain period as long as the functioning of satellites is not restored but for that, I don't think we will plan for an alternative. When we are unable to use any means of telecommunication, we will talk to our family members and neighbours as long as the system is not restored and we will remain worried too. Our worry will be on two accounts. First, we will be worried about our near and dear ones and friends who live in a distant place because we won't be able to talk to them through any means and second, we will be very much worried about when the satellite functioning will be restored since many of our regular activities will be hampered. During natural calamities, many of us have experienced how the communication and transport system suffers. Somehow we manage and we remain worried all the time as long as the situation remains erratic. In this case too, somehow we need to manage.

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    At this juncture, I feel it is really good to face the situation atleast for a day by the people. Are you thinking why I said like this? Few people are good who are safeguarding the planet by growing trees and following the rules like a true citizen. Another group of people who are just ready to create destruction will be able to understand once they face such situations. Later, they will be learning new aspects on protection of earth, the mother who has been providing us all the amenities and that's the reason why we are in peace.
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    The author raised important question through this post and it need to be understood and debated too. It is the fact that the whole world is surviving and developing through so many satellites hovering over the earth which includes, the needs of network, weather, communication and entertainment. Everyone need to know one fact that the satellites which were sent are not permanent as they have the time bound function of some years and those nation or the organization which were manning the satellite already has the B plan satellite in stand by to address the issue of non functional and other matters . Moreover the technology what we have is superior and we can repair any glitches to satellite from the ground station and only thing has to be feared that the satellites should not come in contact with others to get banged.
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    If the satellites fail, many activities will come to stand still. Before the satellites, we were using the natural ionosphere layers available around Earth for reflecting the radio waves back to Earth and in that fashion reach from one corner to other. That was a very good system and worked efficiently. So for news and radio programs that will have to be immediately invoked and radio will become the most important gadget for us. As internet will not be there so internet radio will not be there and what I am talking is the traditional radio where medium waves would be available in local areas only and short waves will be available in far of areas around the globe. So, this will be some relief till the satellites are back in operation.
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    It is just a near improbability to thin that all satellites will go non-functional at a time. That can happen only with a holocaust.which is not at all envisaged now.

    Some individual satellites can malfunction or become non-functional due to its completing life period or due to some other reasons. But then there will be some back up or disaster management measures to save the situation. Yes, there will be some problem initially, but soon a remedy and alternative would be put in place. Even if our mobiles ,laptops or desktop or any other appliance stops functioning even for a short time we feel difficult to manage and feel fish out of water. So the problem will be more large-scale when satellites develop problems or malfunction or stop functioning. They can cause havoc also.
    If the satellites become dead and out of control or become non-responsive, then in due course they can lose orbit and slowly drift towards earth's gravity and fall down and get burned on Earth's atmosphere. Sometimes it can hit another satellite an d cause damage and havoc.

    But as o now the probability is almost near nil and our scientist and technologists will find a way and take precautions and disaster management or disaster preventive measures from their knowledge and experience in this field.

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    @Venkiteswaran: Perhaps you have not heard that China has done it.

    "On 11 January 2007, China conducted an anti-satellite missile test. A China weather satellite—the FY-1C polar orbit satellite of the Fengyun series, at an altitude of 865 kilometres (537 mi), with a mass of 750 kilograms (1,650 lb)—was destroyed by a kinetic kill vehicle traveling with a speed of 8 km/s (18,000 mph) in the opposite direction. It was launched with a multistage solid-fuel missile from Xichang Satellite Launch Center or nearby."

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