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    Humanity still alive

    Yesterday there was a heavy rainfall with threat of cyclone in Chennai. Besides this a huge lake was released water excess over the capacity. Due to that, water entered into our house and other houses in our area. Since we got alerted earlier we kept all items in loft. We have been given accommodation in upstairs house by our house owner. Today morning when we tried to make a whole in the compound wall to let the stagnant water out, an old man came in cycle with chisel and hammer offered his help by his own and did well. When we offered some cash for his work he refused and flew away in his cycle.
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    True. Still, there are people who wanted to extend their help for the needy. That is why we are able to live in this society. The percentage of such people may be less. Your house owner is also good as he gave accommodation to stay on the first floor during difficult times. The person who helped you in making a hole is also very considerate. Some people will exploit the situation and try to earn as much as possible. But the person has not taken any money. It is a very good gesture.
    During COVID 19, I asked a mason for a small repair in my house. He asked for a very high price. We thought it is also not safe to allow people inside for repair those days. So we postponed the repair. Yesterday I called another mason and got the worked done. What he charged is almost 25% of what the other mason asked during COVID time. I have not bargained and whatever he asked I paid this time.

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    It looks good know about such people who are sincere in helping others without expecting any money in return. Still we have this level of humanity among old people but gradually, we are becoming more greedy and self-centered. We don't bother to see what's going on all around us. As long as such people are alive humanity is also alive.

    I was not aware that situation is so grim in your city. It will be better for you if you leave this place and go somewhere else - the area which is not flood-affected and stay there until situation becomes normal.

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    This is a very encouraging narration by the author. There are definitely some good people on Earth and that is why this world is still surviving in spite of so many odds. One good person can save the Earth even if thousands are against it. That is the power of goodness. I have also experienced the magnanimity of some of the people who come to help the people at such times where help is actually required by the needy ones.
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    There are people who work for the welfare of the community and expect to staff away from getting fame or being rewarded. Very few people have such thoughts and are helpful in time. You intime decisions are appreciated else it would be difficult to manage when the clothes and electronics are drenched in water.
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    That's sound good.There all sort of people in the world. We should help others in whatever way we can do. It makes us happy. I have always try to help other whatever way I can but sometimes we do get cheated too.

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    It is very nice to hear what narrated by the author. It is true that helpful people are very less in percentage but they exist in our society. That's why this world still remains alive. I have seen some people who care selfless for their society and in return they don't want anything. Such people are representation of humanity. I always pay salute to this kind of people.

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    The author has said quite rightly that even today there are many such incidents that make us realize that man is still a big part of humanity in society and this humanity encourages man to help others. Nothing in the world surpasses humanity, no religion teaches man to hate other religions, that is, all religions teach justice, peace, and harmony. Humanity is few, but still alive: the land of our country is full of great social reformers, heroic revolutionaries, and great personalities. Social workers are keeping humanity alive in much real sense, even though these individuals can live a life of prosperity and luxury in the world but they decided to live for social service. Bringing a smile on your weeping face is real happiness, the spiritual happiness that comes from giving food to a hungry person, you cannot buy that happiness anywhere.
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    In addition to that I wish to state that after giving accommodation in their house, our house owner family offered two times coffee, food for the day without minding any thing and their care was very lovely and they treated us as their family members.

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