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    Difference between Paytm and PhonePe and Googlepay.

    Are you using Paytm or Phonepe or Googlepay for money transfer?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Paytm over Phonepe and Googlepay?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Phonepe over Paytm and Googlepay?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of Googlepay over Phonepe and Paytm?
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    I am using all three Apps. Paytm or Phonepe or Google pay. I am using Phone Pe for checking my bank accounts balance, transferring money from one account to another with no time. I use Phone Pe for sending money to the gas agent, cable operator, etc. Previously it used to offer a lot of offers as cashback for bill payments. But at present, they stopped most of these cashbacks. But for its ease of using I frequently use this App. If the network is weak Paytm troubles in paying sometimes and also they don't give cash backs that easily. Google pay can also be used for bill payments, cash transactions to other accounts. All these payment apps more or less do the same things and according to our convenience, we use them. While using an app. mostly I see which app. is good for getting some cashback for a particular deal. At present I ammostly using Amazon Pay App. for bill payments.

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    I am also using all three. I am not finding any difficulty in using any one of these three. I am very comfortable in using google pay and some times I will be getting some money back also when I transfer money against purchases when I use this google pay. Phone Pe is also ok. But I am not getting any rewards while using this. I use Paytm for paying bills like electricity, landline etc.
    I prefer using a credit card as far as possible so that we will get some time to pay the money without any additional payment. Wherever there is no chance for paying through credit card, I use these apps.

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    My observation.
    Paytm has a wallet that needs to be added with money from banks, and the money can be spent from the wallet.
    Phonepe has a wallet that can be added with money but cannot be spent from that wallet. The wallet money can be paid to the bank by buying gold from wallet money and add that money to the bank by selling gold.
    Google pay has no wallet. It directly transfers money from bank to bank.

    According to me, Paytm is the best to have a good check on our money.

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    Since I came across the issues from my relatives and friends, I am using only the phone pe which is hasle free and quick transfer of funds takes place, where the Paytm and Google pay are seems to be having payment gateway issues and they are not crediting the amount sent to someone and thus complaint galore against the above two apps. One of my friend has sent 4800 rupees money to a online Saree distribution portal and from his account the amount was debited but the Saree house was not credited and thus the Saree was not delivered. After 72 hours the amount was reverted back to my friend but he lost the good name with the Saree house and he could not get the product.
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    Google pay is not compatible in my phone hence I use paytm and phone pe for bills, insurance, recharges of television or mobiles and so on. Both the apps have stopped providing cash backs, sometimes very little part of the money is directly credited to bank accounts. We do not get any cash back or points for paying insurance bills. These days paytm has made diwali tambola with that also there are a few restrictions which is difficult to meet.
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    Why Google pay has become the debatable across the country as many have faith in Google but the money transfer is not taking place as desired and the issue not addressed.
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    Paytm has a 'Paytm store" and we can go for online shopping. PhonePe has limited stores, and Google pay doesn't have it at all. I have made a lot of online purchases, and find it satisfactory. But I found it difficult to pay the traders with the QR code. Maybe my phone has a problem.

    I am using all three payment gateways linked with different bank accounts. So I don't keep much cash in hand.

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    I use the PhonePe app and from that experience, I can tell that this app has been made very convenient. There are many such options in the Phone Pe App, which are not seen in other apps. It is a UPI based app that works very fast, in which you have to link your bank account once and then you can make digital payments anytime. Apart from that Paytm is a company that gives you the facility of a digital wallets.
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    Paytm has expanded in many areas in a well planned way and has many facilities and is popular with the small vendors. Now the machine being given by the Paytm to the vendor is announcing the transaction also and that is a big facility to the customer as well as vendor and many shops are now started to use those machines. PhonePe took some time in marketing but slowly it is also capturing the online transactions and becoming popular. Google Pay is a later entrant but picked up very fast and it is the most convenient out of all in its use. It directly transfers money from the customer's bank account to the shop or service provider. It has some special schemes also to lure the new customers to use Google Pay.
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