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    Requesting concerned editor for guiding us for editing courses in colleges

    I had entered, long back on 20.01.2018, a particular course against a particular college with incomplete information as that time I was not well aware of these things related to adding and editing courses. Now about 10-15 days back I have updated it and entered all the information. So far, there is no feedback on it and I do not know whether it has come in the notice of the concerned editor also or not. We do not get any alert for course approval.

    I request the concerned editor to please look into the matter and guide us in this work in general as there are many course entries (some done by me also) which are lying like that and require to be updated.
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    Cocerned editor may like to give some advice or guidance in this matter.
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    We will check out with the section editors and get back to you on this. Please wait.
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    To be frank, there is a lot of previous years' content in the courses section that was not reviewed. The work on this was unfortunately started on very late (earlier this year) and though we have been systematically dealing with it after training a few editors, it is still going a bit slow. Alongside, too, we are busy fine-tuning the courses' section since many course pages have not been assigned to a 'Group' of courses. Nevertheless, your content in the section will be reviewed soon.

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    Saji and Vandana, first of all thanks to both of you for taking the issue so seriously and sincerely. I highly appreciate it. I was a bit confused in adding courses to colleges and was actually struggling for those which I only added long back but that time my additions were incomplete ones. So, now I understand that some ground work is to be done and if I am not wrong this is going to be a big job for a handful of editors.

    Now, do not take it in other way, can some members help in this task through some special drive as ISC announces time to time like some earlier drives - 'identify the duplicate school and earn points' etc. That would complete the pending things in a faster way. Give a thought to it.

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