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    Practicing violence will make one more violent

    Practice makes a man perfect and there cannot be any doubt in it. Whether you practice something which is acceptable or unacceptable to society you can master it. You may have heard stories about some notorious thieves or goons who never missed their target and they achieved their perfection through practice only. The same thing is applicable to violence. If you often indulge in violent behaviour you may turn violent day by day. You must have noticed that violence has increased manifold and maybe putting the blame on movies or soaps or certain programs where violence is an integral part. For movies showing violence, there is a warning before the telecast and I am sure parents follow that strictly but what about the violence that is shown while reporting a certain incident? Anybody is watching those violent acts and may implement it elsewhere if they wish. Here the problem is not the display of violent activities rather it is the indulgence to turn violent if things do not happen according to your will. This indulgence is also a kind of practice that must be avoided to stop the violence. Rather than this indulgence, children and youth should be taught why they should not be violent and then only there is a chance to reduce violent activities.
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    It's universally accepted that practice makes a man perfect. As the author has emphasised if someone continues violence or on other words practice upon oppressive activities, one day, he will be perfect in creating violence. It's very much possible But one thing Is sure when violent activities are allowed to be practised, in this situation someone may practice upon committing violence to any extent. If this person is stopped by any means whether it's law or people or he is given befitting reply of violence by a counter-attack against violence then then almost all ll9ill activities of violence will not go unrestrained.
    Generally, a person doesn't commit violence. He wants to live a peaceful life but sometimes, harmful occurrences may create more information about this one

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    The author has raised the the time tested post and presently India is going through the ordeal of practicing violence from the enemies of borders even though Indian extending the olive branch of peace and good living. So far eight round of Military level talks were completed but with no out come from the so called talks, the tension is mounting in Ladakh region and India is more worried because as we have to make arrangements for over 50000 troops who are going to brace the extreme whether conditions of frozen winter and China has to be blamed for its adamant attitude as it is not budging from the stand of rigidness and therefore the Indian troops are making arrangement to stay put in the borders amid winter. This post testifies that practicing violence will lead to more planning for another bigger violence.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I listened to a video of Defence Minister. In which he discusses about disputed border issues with china. he expressed his hope that positive result may come but he was not looking confident that China will agree to stop. however, we can hope for the best.
    .China is an expansionist power which takes India as its rival in the region.
    If China continues its aggression against India I am confident that China will be give a befitting reply.

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    The author rightly said that the practice is done in any direction, it makes a human being complete. Violence has its roots in tensions and conflicts that have been going on for centuries, as well as in the atmosphere created during the last few decades. During this period, incidents of atrocities and violence on Dalits, minorities, women, and children have increased very drastically. No one has ever been justified by violence, it is both important to understand and explain that violence is not the solution to any problem.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    True. Practice makes a person perfect. What we like we practice and we will become perfect in that. I love driving. So I practised driving and I became more conversant with driving. I feel I am a perfect driver. Here starts the problem. My confidence will become overconfidence and I may start irresponsible driving which may lead to an accident. You may be perfect. Yet you should be careful.
    If violence is practised, the person will become more violent. He may behave violently. If somebody goes against him and stops him only, he will come down. Otherwise, he will continue his arrogance. To stop violence in society the law and order are made. But unfortunately, the police in India can't punish a real culprit also. They have to prove that the other person is the culprit. Then the court may punish. It is a very time taking process and these violent people never mind doing violence as the punishment is far away. This system should get modified. The people who did wrong should get the punishment immediately.

    always confident

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    Any activity good or bad, violent or non violent, if done repeatedly make us habitual of it and then we will be doing it as a matter of routine and interest. There are terrorist who do terror activities day and night without bothering for their lives. They are addicted to such behaviour. Someone is behind them and provoking them to do bad things and once they learn the things, they become addicted to it and start doing the destruction themselves without any assignment from their top bosses. These people have gone far ahead in their lives and I do not see any possibility of converting them back to a peaceful life.
    Knowledge is power.

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