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    White-collar criminals are more dangerous than burglars

    White-collar crime is quite fatal as it is nonviolent, nevertheless, a white-collar perpetrator destroys the families of someone and leaves them crying. It includes corporate fraud, money laundering, embezzlement etc. The perpetrators are generally greedy of wealth and ultra materialistic who want to earn money at any cost and they can do anything and can go to any extent for embezzlement They cheat secretly and deceive people, organisations they work in. These criminals are well educated and superficially well mannered and know very well the sophisticated lifestyle. These sharp-minded criminals don't use guns to destroy others rather they use their mind and skills. They are politicians, businessmen, higher-ranked officials, doctors, engineers, computer professionals, financial experts etc. They are so cruel by nature that they don't show any pity on the victim. First, these perpetrators are entrusted with a great amount of faith and trust and when they have completely established their credibility in the sight of others they use their intelligence to destroy the victim.

    If you try to see them you can recognize them and point out them too. They are destroyers. They are more dangerous than burglars, thieves etc because you are aware of them that they may harm you, so you can seek the ways to protect yourself from their harmful activities but white-collar criminals win your trust and faith and then they use their tricks to destroy you financially.
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    I am fully agreeing with the author that white collar criminals are more dangerous and they are devising ways and means through corporate fraud, money laundering, embezzlement which is not only giving over time work for the law enforcing agencies to nab them but also involves in extensive traveling and time consuming act for them as they have to visit places and some groups are operating from other countries with support from Indian wrong doers and thus the whole racket need to be busted and by the time the hooligans would also devise ways and means to escape from the law net. Nevertheless the cyber crime police has improved their investigating abilities to nab the wrong doers of above crimes and they are cornered through modern gadgets which would take them the offenders instantly and for sure.
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    True. I agree with the author. White-collar criminals are very dangerous.
    They can interpret the rules and regulations as per their convenience and decided based on their self-benefit. A note which is " not accepted can be easily converted as " note accepted' just by adding a single letter namely 'e . That is how their criminal brains of these white-collar persons.
    As a matter of fact, the governments are being run by these bureaucrats only. They say yes to the concerned minister and try to get the maximum benefit from all the transactions. The corruption is political leaders is supported by these people and they will also get benefitted.
    Because of these white-collar employees, only people who really deserve are not getting benefitted and the benefits are going to undeserving people

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    The author has brought out the real facts in life about the white-collar criminals who are visible as innocent gentlemen. Yes. they are more dangerous than the burglars and thieves. They are like slow working poison present in the public.
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    The most unfortunate and fearful thing in this regard is that there are many white collar criminals in the society and we recognise many of them but they are very powerful and having all the goons under their control so common people are afraid of them. Govt also cannot do anything as many people working in the Govt itself in high positions are like that or have support of such elements. So, it is a very difficult situation and honest and sincere people are finding themselves as unfit in this environment. Whoever wants to expose these criminals is treated by them in a very crooked and cruel way and people do not speak or talk about them due to that fear. So, if there is a case in the court against them, no one dares to become a witness against them and they get free and come out of the courts victoriously.
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