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    Why all parties not supporting the one nation one election pitch?

    This is the challenging time for India as the covid cases are being reported for the second time in many states and the case loads are increasing. In this circumstances holding elections to one state after another has become more challenging for the EC and the government of central and state and even the voters are also not ready to caste amid fear of virus. So the need of the hour is to agree for one nation one election policy being mooted by our PM Modi but it seems the political parties are not agreeing to this great suggestion which may save much time and money for the country.
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    one nation and one election is a good proposal I feel. The elections for assembly as well as parliament can be held in a single schedule all over the nation. That will help in reducing the expenses and also the time need not be wasted too much. Propaganda for MLA election and then campaign for MPs. How much expenses are involved we all know. Why can't we avoid such expenses is one important question.
    Manpower required for conducting the election is being deputed from various other government offices. When they come for these duties, their other work will be pending only. That will be very difficult for them in keeping their work on time. They have to go two times for this work if separately conducted. The actual expenses will come down to 50%.
    On the day of elections, all government offices will close down. Now one day for MP elections and Monday for MLA election. If both are conducted on oneday the productivity loss will be for oneday only.

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    I don't recommend One nation One election. But recommend One nation two elections. One should be for the Parliament(MPs) and the second one for Assembly(MLAs) . These elections should be conducted on different days. Voters should not be confused with election of parties. All voting should be completed on a single day, and counting should be completed the next day and result announced immediately after counting. Ballet boxes should not be stored and kept for weeks or months.
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    We had an active GD last year on the topic.
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    There should be some motive behind this proposal, however, if government has decided to implement it who is there to stop them from implementation. Soon we will see it getting promulgated.

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