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    Are the farmers instigated to stir or they really doing it voluntarily?

    The way the farmers of Punjab and other states who are defying the law and barricades erected by the police at the respective state borders are now marching towards Delhi protesting against the new agricultural laws passed by the central government, proves that they are more instigated to stir and not coming on their own. The leaders who instigated the farmers to protest are no where seen in the march but the farmer are facing the ire of police who are being chased and lathi charged. Who is responsible for this fiasco.?
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    You have to understand the root cause of their protest instead of attributing their protest to any agency or political parties. These laws, in their opinion, are against farmers. They think that if these laws are implemented they will incur a big loss in their earning as well as corporate sector will have control over their crops. If they are being provoked by any external force it means they are stupid and they don't know what is right and what is wrong for them.

    When they have been protesting for several months government should listen to their grievances. Perhaps in October or so government agreed to listen to them and their delegation visited Delhi to meet the officials but nobody from government side came to talk to them. They have claimed it. I don't know reality of their claim. However, it can't be denied that their protest shows that they are not going to give up easily.

    This thing doesn't come in my mind what is wrong if they are expounded and convinced by the government officials. They have, at least, this right to raise their voice to be listened to in a democratic country.

    Besides them a large number of trade unions and bank employees also protested against newly passed labour laws. Why they are protesting and showing their anger should be entertained. If government officials assure them that their rights and welfare will be upheld I don't think they will not be convinced.

    I don't say that government laws are against them or cause any damage for their profession but what is wrong if they are convinced and ensured.

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    Definitely, some farmers will have some dissatisfaction and that will be encouraged by some political parties. We can't deny both aspects. Whenever the government proposes some new changes there will be a mixed response from the people. No change will be approved unopposed. So basing on the situation and other issues, the government has to respond.
    Definitely, there is an apprehension many farmers about the involvement of corporates in this new proposal. They feel agricultural also will go into the hands of corporates. They will dictate the terms and conditions. In our country always farmers at the receiving end. They depend on somebody for finance. Now the corporate will invest money and try to exploit the conditions of the farmer. They pay less to the farmer and make more profits by selling them at a high rate. It is the responsibility of the government to clarify this point and satisfy the farmers.

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    Punjab is an agriculturally rich state in India. There is no poverty in Punjab. Farmers in Punjab are generally rich. All farmers are also middlemen. They do not suffer like the farmers of other Indian states. It is only the rich farmers cum middlemen who are protesting against the farm bill.
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    The way the farmers of Punjab and other States who are defying the police and the barricades erected by them at the respective State borders and are now marching towards Delhi protesting against the new agricultural laws passed by the Central Government proves that they are not instigated by any political party. This is obvious to anyone with an unbiased mind. They faced bravely the water cannons used by the police in this severe winter cold. It is indeed inhuman of the Haryana police to use water cannons. Don't they have the freedom to protest against the Farm laws which were passed by the Government of India disregarding the objections raised by the farmers?
    The majority of the farmers have a smallholding of land. How they can be expected to go somewhere away from their villages to sell their produce? They depend mainly on the local village market to sell their produce as early as possible. The Farm Laws will create multiple layers of middlemen. The laws will make the farmers depend on the Corporates which will no doubt exploit the situation to their advantage. The Government should listen again and again to the farmers and try to convince them or take back the laws.

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    The question is not to find out who is responsible for all these, rather it is to be found whether the farmers' demands are logical or not. More than 60% of the population in India is somehow dependent on agriculture because it is their main source of income. They are protesting for quite sometime after the new agriculture laws came into effect. If the laws are for the welfare of the farmers I do not know what benefit the agitating farmers will get by protesting against the laws. Either the farmers misunderstood the benefits or apprehending highhandedness of the corporates in their affairs. When the protest is widespread the government must start a meaningful dialogue with the agitators to resolve the crisis. The tussle with the farming community who is actually feeding the nation cannot continue for long.

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    Whenever a Govt enacts some new rules and regulations for the benefit of the poor and downtrodden then some people are affected by it and they do a lot of homework as how to remove this Govt or create problem for it. These people are joined with the opposition parties who are sitting idle since 6-7 years and want a share of the pie at any cost. Farmers are the gullible fellows and anyone can mislead them. But bank employees and other labour unions are not fools, they are the wisest of the lot because they know that if full privatisation happens their job would not be there and even if it is there, their lives would be miserable. So they have also joined the movement on some pretext. There are no voluntary agitations in our country. Everything is under some agenda and provoking and instigating the people.
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    The farm laws give an option to the farmers to skip the middlemen and go for direct sale with the consumer, to be benefitted largely. If a small farmer has no way to travel and sell, they have the freedom to opt for the middlemen. Simple is this. Why should they protest?

    The farmers can set up their own group and proper without any middlemen. The farmers are not being educated in this aspect. They are still kept in dark by the middlemen and gainful politicians.

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    Farmers are misinformed about the new laws and they need to be clarified.
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    Small farmers, hawkers, small shopkeepers, labourers etc are the gullible lot in our country and it is very easy to mislead and misguide them by anyone who knows how to play politics. I have no affiliation either with the present Govt and the ruling party or with the earlier one but this is a fact of the matter in our country and the leaders would exploit this situation to the best of their advantage. For quite some time they did not get chance to protest except during the Citizenship (Amendment) Act which also fizzled out. Those who were once in high positions are jobless today and trying to come back in power by hook or crook.
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