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    Do your duties perfectly, the rights are automatically protected

    In my office there was an argument between an ardent employee and the admin staff about attendance issue so that the salary can be calculated. That means those who come late for three times their half salary is deducted and that ardent employee was just five minutes late for three times to which the accounts department want to deduct the half day salary. But the boss intervened and granted full salary that the particular employee even does the work more than office hours and therefore the rules need not be that harsh. So do the duties your rights gets protected.
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    Every person plays different roles in their life. He also has certain rights and obligations in every form. Everyone wants to use their rights. But when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities, the first question that flashes in the mind is what will I get from it, what is my benefit? We should not forget that the rights, responsibilities, and responsibilities of a person go hand in hand. To get success in life it is necessary to take responsibility. One quality that all successful individuals possess is the ability to take responsibility. Therefore, we should accept our responsibilities and understand that we can take our country and society wherever we want to reach. Reflexes are often seen in the maintenance of family obligations and social obligations are ignored. Man is a social animal. Without society, it is not possible for human beings to be fully developed. We identify ourselves with our country and society. The way we serve our family selflessly, in the same way, we have a responsibility towards our country and society.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    I feel the decision is not correct. The rules and regulations are to be followed correctly. If the rules say, if somebody is late by 5 minutes, three times in a month half day leave should be deducted or wage is to be deducted, that should be followed strictly. If a person is good and working hard and if you like him much give him some money separately as a gift. This will send a message to all that, the management is impartial and the rules are applicable to all. Another message that goes is management is ready to reward hard work. Then all will try to follow the rules and work hard so that they may get some additional rewards.
    In a big organisation, if we don't implement the rules correctly, the people on the shop floor will have a very tough time and a lot of indiscipline will crop up. Indiscipline should be attacked strongly and good work is to be rewarded separately.
    Coming late is not a right. That will come under violation of rules. But rewarding good work with awards is encouragement

    always confident

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    Since the employee is the sincere person and more productive, hence the special case.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Always, qualities like honesty, sincerity and diligence are appreciated and the employees who have such qualities have kind of privileges in the company they are employees whereof. You might have read in books about great men and might have read stories of their honesty but practically, You might have never heard that an employee was ever permitted to go his office at any time during office hours and it entirely depended on his own choice. It's unbelievable though but it's true. It was my late elder brother who had died more than two decades ago was in the accounts department in a government textile mill. Literally, he was an honest person, why he was so much honest actually, my father was perfectly an honest person. He used to teach all of us to be honest in our lives. Frankly speaking, I was not so much honest but my brother became the carbon copy of our father. This quality of his made him immensely respectable in his mill. This (him going to the office any time) I came to know when I stayed with him for a week or so. Mostly, he would go after lunch, although his office-going was sharp 10 a.m. Chief Executive was so much strict on the punctuality of employees that if any employee would be late by even 5 minutes, he would be stopped at the main gate of the factory and without written apology he was not allowed to enter the main gate. It was the stringent order of C.E. But my late brother was exempted from this order. Can you imagine it? He was assigned at the desk of checking TA bills which are normally filled in extra amount but he would strictly check the bills of employees. It also happened that once he cut the amount of bill of his own Chief Financial Controller, the Head of Accounts Department. It was the toughest moment for him. Almost all his seniors were not happy with my brother for his strictness but this quality impressed Chief Executive and it made him closer to C.E.

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    I know some people who go to office late regularly but leave the office at the dot and if the boss asks them to come on holiday or stay occasionally after office hours they do not agree. So when penalty is applied on the late comers no one will favour such an employee who want to have cake in one hand and biscuit in other. Sympathy and consideration is given only to them who are sincere and compensate their mistake in one place by doing well elsewhere. The bosses are generally very intelligent managers thats why they are made boss. So, they will do justice to the employees in their own ways.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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