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    Life is not a bed of roses for anyone

    It is a common tendency to think that my work is difficult and others are treading easily in life. I am doing all the hard work while people are just having fun and enjoying their jobs elsewhere. Many people are bitten by this fallacy in their lives and unnecessary become concerned, worried, and intrigued. No job is easy or straightforward. The intricacies come in our ways only when we try to attempt those other tasks which from a far off distance appear lucrative and enjoyable. The other person performing that task only knows the practical difficulties and challenges associated with his work and we cannot judge them from a distance. The wearer only knows where the shoe pinches. So let us not be in a hurry to conclude that only I am in a difficult situation whereas others are plying smoothly. What the members opine?
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    The original title to this thread was ' The wearer knows where the shoe pinches' and it created some confusion in my mind as to whether the author has by mistake repeated an old thread by her. But on going through the contents, it has become clear that though the basic idea is the same, she has brought in a different angle for discussion. And hence this thread is being allowed.
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    The author is right to say that most of the people assume that their work is difficult and not as good as of others. This is wrong thinking. Everyone needs to like his work and he should carry out his responsibilities with dedication and sincerity. I say that such people who like the work of other people should change their work and should take the work of his choice instead

    When someone starts work he over the time become expert in performing his duties but if he changes his job he will find it difficult to adjust himself in the new working environment with new faces.

    I only say taht this is their personal matter what they choose to do, they should take their responsibilities quite seriously instead of making complaints only.

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    I also agree that people often find their life difficult and easy for others. If you consider yourself smaller than your problem, then you will find your situation very difficult, but when you consider yourself as bigger than your problem, then any big problem is very small in front of you. Despite not wanting in our life, there are times when we get stuck in very difficult circumstances. Whether it is Health Problem, Financial Problem, Insecurity of Job or it is a matter of Relationship. Whenever such difficult situations come in life, then we become very weak. We find it very difficult to get out of these situations.
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    Though we may find several people complaining that their nature of work is not that much easy and for anyone carrying out the jobs assigned to them would feel the complexities and difficulties of their jobs. Most of us are thinking in the similar lines. However, their difficulties can be appreciated only when we take up the job assigned to them and in that way, the difficulties encountered by such a group can be understood. We are in the habit of underestimating the nature of the jobs alloted to others. The same thing can be extended relating to the problems of others which they might be facing in relation to financial issues, their domestic issues etc. Hence before we leap out that the situation of others is not that much troublesome, we should personally make a thorough investigation of the entire development.

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    Many people see problems in their lives but think that others are not having problems. This is really very strange that we are only considering our problems as genuine and not taking others problems seriously. Such things will definitely bring grief and dissatisfaction in our lives. We have to assess everything as it is and not conjecture whatever we feel or think about it.
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    Thanks for making the title more understandable. I really forget about my earlier post which I made with same heading when we were participating in 15 days forum contest. I should not have done that as it creates confusion only and gives a feeling as if one is trying to pull an old thread. I only wanted to convey that everyone is having problem and challenges in life and we are not alone to experience it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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