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    New Forum Main Category - India

    After a discussion with the Webmasters, we decided to retune a couple of categories in our forum based on the interesting threads that are coming up related to our country. We saw that members liked to discuss particular landmarks in a city or cuisine, for example, but the categories where the States were listed were under the heading of 'Politics'. This meant that only political-related discussions would come up in that category. Hence that category no longer exists as the main category. Instead, we now have it as India and here you will see all the States listed as well.

    Further, the sub-category of 'Political Visits' under the category of India has been renamed as Politics so if you wish to raise topics related to politics (irrespective of which State) you can do so in this category.

    The threads which were earlier under the heading of 'India' sub-category have been shifted to the above-mentioned renamed Politics category since that heading is no longer required to be separate. This also ensured that you did not lose any points or cc of those threads.

    The categories related to State Elections, Central Govt., Elections, and Foreign Affairs have all been retained as they are and will now appear under the India category.

    We hope now to see a lot of interesting discussions on individual States that are not all political in nature. You may post a query in this thread if you wish to clarify in which category to submit a particular topic.
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    I think this is a good category where we can post information regarding the specific things about a place or cuisine or culture of a particular place in the state. I have just posted one such post. Hope it evokes some interest.
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    It is good. We can post about various places in and around our place and highlight the important points so that members will know about various places. Earlier also some posts were posted regarding famous hotels, restaurants, temples etc in various place. Now more such threads can be posted in this category so that many people will get the information and that will be useful to them in case they visit those places.
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    This change is quite reasonable. Instead of having India under politics, it is appropriate to see Politics under India. A good thought from ISC heads. India under politics was limited to politics only. Now politics and the states under India opens the way to discuss anything and everything related to India.
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    Earlier we were writing about place under the section My India which is not available now due to ISC focussing in educational side only. So to some extent this forum option will serve that purpose but we have to be brief about the thing, place, or cultural attribute related to a place in our state and put it as a post here for the comment and observations of the members. I welcome this move by ISC.
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    The more the specific we are , our contents would be rightly indexed by the Google and thus we would get the right traffic and my appreciation to ISC for doing the changes.
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    A very good thought of action after a few threads on election discussion and predications of India and America. This approach will lead members to great heights for those whose interest is mainly in politics.
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    The webmaster and team have taken a good decission. I hope this category will encourage us, to write more.
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    Hats off to the team for taking such a creative and amazing decision. A seperate category for these topics will suerly be appreciated by all members. Appreciate the efforts undertaken!

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