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    Iconization itself is a cult

    Some people become famous because of their talent or knowledge or piety or impressive personality or power. These people have large fan following or devotees also, depending upon their status in the sight of the people who are adherents to them. These fans love these personalities a lot. Gradually, their love develops for them, it subsequently changes into deep admiration and eventually, when this love and admiration go beyond proper limit changes into worshipping them.

    This icon worshipping becomes a cult for them and they become so much blindfolded that they can't tolerate any rebuttal or opposition of their demigods. These devotees don't use their reasoning power. They believe in the statements of their demigods as these were revealed as holy verses and denying them is like an act of apostasy.

    You can behold such people who are utterly devoted to these demigods. Only a looker who has no attachment with their demigods can differentiate what is wrong and what is right and whenceforth, these devotees are misleading themselves. However, if anybody tries to expound them the reality of their condition they will dissent on the spot. It's most likely to happen that they will sever their ties with you. I wonder to see the iconization of some people and changing them into demigods.
    These demigods, mostly, come from sports, movie stardom, religious field and politics.
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    Icons and heroes are formed in that way only. People not only follow them but follow in a mesmerised way. What would we call it in plain English - under the spell. In the online it has gone a step ahead where some heroes are answering their fans and sometimes declaring the fan of the day or outstanding fan also. So, as writer has rightly put it that it has become a type of cult only where new demigods are emerging and staying as powerful and adorable entities. We have seen many times the contests for the followers where the first prize has along with the main prize an element of taking dinner with the favourite star.
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    I do agree that those people who were ordinary till recently , when they become popular due to over following of them by others, they become Icon to recon with and that gives them the head strong attitude. People who are famous in a particular field and those who have the huge liker and followers are likely to behave like odd man out because they feel the stardom status having achieved and even start abuse those who seek their advice and the autographs. By the way Icons are created and rated by the people and it is the people who can control and tame their over head behavior too.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Followers are like that only. They will go to such extent that even they will build temples in the memory of their heroes. Strange are the ways of followers. They give to their ideal more respect than their own parents.
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    When fan following increases, confidence will increase and sometime may become overconfidence. People who have this fan following will become arrogant sometimes.
    KCR is an ordinary MLA sometimes back. But he has become an icon because of his initiative for separate Telangana movement. He became very famous and he won the elections. Now he never cares for any other leader in his party also. He and his son are only ruling the state. But he should know that he should see that people are very happy with him. Otherwise, he will be thrown out.
    One should admire somebody with blind faith. One should be observing him and understand how his attitude is changing from time to time because of his success. Once he becomes arrogant, one should stop admiring him and tell him that he is going out of the way. Then only these so-called icons will be within their limits.

    always confident

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