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    Why do people still have myth about eclipse?

    Science and scientist can do as many experiments as possible. Whether NASA shows all the videos. Reliance Jio may give the winning data to know the truth by watching the videos. But the fear that has been filled in our minds for solar eclipse for centuries does not come out easily. This fear is not only in India, it is in every corner of the world.

    Although in the 8th century itself, scientists had opened the secrets behind it, at that time there were not so many means to spread information. Hence fear remained everywhere. Different countries have different fears. Somewhere it is said that if the dragon swallowed the sun, and somewhere something else is said.

    We have Rahu Ketu's theory here. That these demons sometimes devour the sun or sometimes swallow the moon.

    We all know that the real reason behind the eclipse is the rotation of the planets around the Sun but still why there is a society about the planets. Please share what you think, members.
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    Rahu and Ketu are very much related to Vedic Astrology and they are considered as two lunar nodes, the points that intersect the orbital path of the Sun. Vedic Astrology, Religion and Human belief all are interconnected and maybe that's why people still have some notions about the eclipse. Not only eclipse, people still have myths on various issues. These myths are based on beliefs and it's not so easy to discard some beliefs from people's minds.

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    Existence of planets accepted by many including scientists. We are blindly accepting doctors/specialists opinion blindly without second thought. But when it has been told by some seniors/experts in that field our mind started asking questions. Okey though it is correct to argue like this why the government should not ban such predictions. Why people should not go to court of la to prevent such profession or predictions of professionals. It cannot be done by our people because such critics are created only for confusing public.

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    Eclipse is a fact. We are observing these events many times in our life time. Not only scientists but also our Vedic pandits are also calculating at what time the eclipse starts and when it will be over. During the eclipse, harmful rays that can cause blindness will be emitted. This is more so during Solar eclipse. So it is better to not witness them. Electromagnetic radiation will be emitted during this eclipse. That will damage our vision and also spoil our skin. So it is not good to go out during the eclipse. During the eclipse we should not eat and also we should not cook. During the eclipse, there will be an increase in bacteria and germs. and that will spoil the foods. This is not a myth. Scientifically these are proved. But if we tell these facts to a common man ask him not to do these things and explain to him the science, he just ignores. But if we relate it to some heavenly act and tell them they will believe. That may be the reason these myths are spread across and people believe the same.
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