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    Some lesser known dishes of Uttarakhand

    Every state has its own food culture and variety of dishes. Uttarakhand is no exception. It has some very specific dishes which were generally consumed by the people in villages and towns and were not known much outside the state. Now, things are changing and some innovative and enterprising people have started to introduce these dishes in the hotels and specially in the capital Dehradun some hotels have started it. Tourists have shown interest in these items. Some of these items are - 1) Thick Chapati made with Ragi flour and butter or ghee is applied on it before eating it with any vegetable, 2) Black Soybean Dubka which is a type of thick and healthy main dish item, 3) Black Soybean Ras which is the extract of soybean obtained after boiling it for some more time, 4) Black Soybean Churkani which is a variation of Ras only. Does any member know about any of these dishes or has tasted any of them?
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    I had been to Dehradun many times. I had the chance to have dinner in many good hotels in that city. I ate thick ragi Chapathi there two or three times. I liked it. But it will be heavy and if you take one you will be full. It takes a long time for digestion. The other two items mentioned by the author are not known to me. Due to COVID 19, I stopped going there. I went there in January 2020. Most probably again I may go there after March 2021 only. Next time when I go there I will try to taste those items also. There are many good restaurants and we will definitely enjoy the food in Dehradun.
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    Yes, in some restaurants in Rajpur road, Dehradun some of these items are available and getting popular slowly. One of the cooks from Uttarakhand who is working in a hotel in Australia has also introduced one black soybean dish there and it has been widely accepted by the customers. So, gradually these are getting introduced outside our country also. Some hotels have modified them as per the taste of the customers. For example the Ragi flour is being mixed with wheat flour in equal quantity and then the chapati prepared is very soft and tasty as compared to the prepared with hundred percentage Ragi flour.
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    Great sharing of recipes from Uttarakhand and the author made us to taste the same but unfortunately we cannot visit those places now and surely make it in future.
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