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    Really, Some people are hypocrites

    The day before yesterday a close relative of mine visited our home. He is a close friend of my elder brother as well. He was talking about abundant expenditure on marriage functions. He was opposing show off of wealth. He opined that rich people spend a lot of money to show their status to people that so much amount they spent on their daughter's marriage. They hire the service of catering agencies. They take marriage hall on rent for a day or two etc. He kept on speaking on this topic for hours and I was listening to him quietly. I stopped myself from reminding him that a few years ago he married his daughter and he spent Rs 1.60 lakh on rent of a marriage hall only, more than Rs 7 lakhs he spent on all this external show off. More or less 40 lakhs he spent on his daughter's marriage. Nevertheless, he was lecturing on show off of wealth and questioning why people do show off.
    This is sheer hypocrisy. I strongly dislike hypocrites. He is an elderly person so I did not interfere and kept quiet.

    Hypocrisy is the worst kind of habit for some people. They have several faces. They masquerade as a different person from what they are, and they assume that they are right. Perhaps these people think that the whole world is stupid and they don't recognize them at all. People know them very well and do not unnecessarily butt in their matter because if they are exposed they will feel bad. But for the sake of respect of their age or avoiding unnecessary clash people keep silent and take all other people for granted.
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    There are many hypocrites in this world. There is a song in a Telugu movie. In that song, it is said morals are only to tell to others. But we will never follow. I feel it is 100% true. Many people talk about cleanliness and give big lectures about cleanliness. But when they travelling in a car they never forget to through the empty packing items in the middle of the road.
    These people change their opinions from time to time and they feel that they are correct always. Many top bosses of the companies are really hypocrites only. They say about the value of time to their subordinates but they never come on time to any meeting and make all the others wait for them. But as mentioned by the author they will be tolerated as they are the top bosses and providing a chance for others to get employment.

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    Hypocrites are big liars. They do not do what they preach and advise. When they are sitting in a drawing room we are easily impressed by their tall talks and start respecting them. People get impressed by their way of talking and great ideas presented over a cup of tea. But when the reality opens as has been shown in this thread by the author so nicely, things look very different. We should be very careful of these hypocrites as they are sometimes very aggressive and blame us in front of many people that we are doing a wrong thing while in fact they are doing so many wrong things. God save us from these hypocrites.
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    Hypocrites serve others only to prove their selfishness. This means that one should never trust such a person. They can go to any extent to prove their selfishness. As soon as their work is out, they leave you. Such a person is full of tricks. These people are very sweet from the outside but inside they are full of treachery. These people are so deceitful that they can use anyone to prove their purpose. In real life, you may also be brought up by such people. Many times people join hands with them even after knowing their tendency. Do understand so much that there may be some selfishness behind their service. These people know very well how to get their work done with sweet words. The only reason for being a hypocrite person is greed or fascination because fraud is due to greed, in addition to not being able to develop a proper personality is also a reason for becoming a hypocrite.
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    We may be impressed with the tall talks of the hypocrites since they can deliver a long lecture in any social topic highlighting the evils of the societies. They may even tell you how such menaces can be tackled effectively with the proper training of the people. Such talks are really impressive and they get enormous respect for such kind of acting.
    In reality, they employ oily toung to get support from the people and ultimately they are successful in their shows. If we go deeply how they are managing their affairs, it will surprise you. Their attitude of amassing wealth, indulgence with unhealthy practice to get their wards admitted in medical colleges and other irregularities in terms of fund handling will be exposed. We should identify such hypocrites and the best way would be to avert them in course of dealings .

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    Generally, Hypocrites are two-faced. What they do is different from what they say. They have two scales, one is for themselves, another for others and they feel annoyed if they are told about it.

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    Many people are hypocrites in the society. They will tell something but do something else and it would be almost reverse of what they preach or appear to be doing. We should be careful of these personalities as they can mislead others. They would talk big things full of moral value. I have seen one person in our locality who says that we must keep the mask when go out especially go to the crowded market or store for buying things as maximum chance of getting or transferring infection is there only. We all were impressed with his talks but 2-3 times I saw him going in the market without mask. I felt very bad and in fact wanted to tell him but he may take it in a different way and our relations would be spoilt. Then we posted it in the local WhatsApp group that some people are preaching but not following. Next day we saw him wearing mask.
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    I would request the author to make a little correction in the thread, otherwise, the meaning will completely change. I am quoting the line - "I stopped myself from reminding him that a few years ago he married his daughter........" Change it and make it 'married his daughter off'.

    Yes, and those hypocrites create a lot of problems. They will preach in such a way to draw the attention of people but when it comes to following you will find them moving the other way and giving a lot of excuses. A good example is provided in the thread and you will get many such persons at different places. I think they do it to seek others' attention anyhow without realising that sometime later people will start avoiding them. All of us are aware of the behaviours of many politicians in our country and they are just like that. They preach as if they are the only honest ones in the fray and their true faces are revealed after they become elected. They remain popular for the time being but after some time their magic vanishes and people start avoiding them.


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