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    At Hyderabad ,We feel like living in Shimla

    The Nivar cyclonic storm which created havoc in Tamil Nadu and other places has brought in more chill and drizzling weather for the people of Telangana in general and Hyderabad in particular, and all through the day the the weather was chilly and people feel like wearing wind cheating clothes and by the evening one could see people tasting for the road side hot snacks and there was brisk business. The weather is playing its game on the people and elders, children are facing the brunt of chilly weather by stay put inside home. How was your area climate today?
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    Right. Being in Bengaluru, I feel like living in Ooty or Kodaikanal. The temperature during day is 23 degrees and would be 18 degrees at night and 17 degrees early in the morning. This is the first time I am experiencing such chilly weather in Bengaluru.

    This weather is not suitable for my health.

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    A devastating natural calamity which has brought destruction toTamil Nadu has brought you Shimla free of cost at your door step must be an amazing experience. It may be for any other reason also. I don't know about all this, so I can't contradict you for attributing U turn changes in weather of your state to this natural calamity.

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    The same here in Karnataka and sathyamangala forest area is covered with snow just like the weather in the mid week of December. We too feel so chilled and think that some body has hidden our sun in the clouds. Sunshine is not visible for the past two days. This weather makes us feel drowsy and have very little interest at our work place.
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    Here in Delhi it's starting of the winters and it looks temperature will break all time recored because in September itself the days have become colder than use to be in the past.

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    So from the responses it is felt that there is change in climate from across the country
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    In Navi Mumbai area some wind speed was there but temperature had not come down. It is hot in the day time as usual. Being near to seas the climate is moderate here and I have not seen any effect of Tamil Nadu cyclone here.
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    Today it is very cold and not able to go out. Good apples are also available in the house. So I will also start thinking I am in Simla. Generally, in Hyderabad day temperatures will be on the higher side and nights will be very much on the lower side. But from the last two days, the day temperatures are also very low. Slight drizzling is there but no heavy rain. But this atmosphere is not good for your health. One should not go unnecessarily and definitely eating roadside hot foods is also not good. We should try to avoid that food to the maximum extent possible. People are fearing to go out. But because of GHMC elections, a lot of activity is seen on the roads. Processions, meetings and canvassing are on full swing. The conditions are favourable for COVID19 and Hyderabad may see the second wave of COVID19 by the time these GHME elections are over.
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    Everywhere in AP and Telangana, the climate is like that because of the effect of the Nivar cyclone. Usually, the climate of Hyderabad at this time is usually very cold and chilly. In AP that much cold we can't find it even in this winter season and purely it is due to the cyclone effect. Yesterday we have heavy rain throughout the day in Guntur. Meteorological Dept. announced cyclones, cyclone Burevi, and cyclone Taketi may hit AP and Tamilnadu in December month.

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    Due to the cyclone, there is a lot of cold in some areas of states of South India. There is no cold climate in Madhya Pradesh at this time. It occurs in the day with light cold in the morning and night. Normally till these days, the cold used to knock on the door, but this year the month of December is about to start and the cold is not coming.
    As a joke, people in our my are also saying that the cold has been hidden this time due to the fear of Corona, it is fine even to a funny statement, but really the cold should start now.

    Swati Sharma

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