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    Bringing discipline in our lives requires some sacrifices also

    We talk of bringing discipline and order in our lives in order to utilise the time efficiently and reap the benefits of our time management for achieving progress. It is easy to say so, but difficult to adhere to schedules and tasks under a strict vigil of so called discipline which is yet to be achieved. Discipline does not enter our lives just like that, it requires us to sacrifice some of our likings and indulgences. It means we have to leave some of our activities however dear to us. So adhering to discipline is always associated with some sacrifices and that is where many of us are not able to accept it and eventually not able to bring discipline in our lives. What do the members feel about it?
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    Discipline cannot be achieved in a day. It comes through experience from time to time by observing people, elders and eminent men. Discipline has to be reiterated and followed thus can be achieved. It starts from our routine life, life style, speaking and behaviour with friends, outsiders, family members or unknown persons too. If we are disciplined we can complete our tasks in time with proficiency and accuracy.

    Have you noticed that in most houses, a person looks out for vehicle key, wallet, mobile only when is moving out of the house? This cannot be accepted as disciplined life style. Instead, if a person walks with enthusiasm and charm on his face to never turn back for small things which is a part of his stationery to office daily, then he or she is said to be a disciplined person.

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    There is a famous saying that when we want to achieve some thing we have to forgo something and the same way to gain the trait of the discipline we have to forgo other qualities in life. Discipline does not come so suddenly and it has to be learned and inculcated right from the tiny age and it is the challenging period for every one to be strict with the discipline procedure as others may not like our too much allegiance for the discipline. Because our discipline is not the concern for others and they wants the things to get done and any time delay from our side citing the discipline quotient would not be accepted by others. Normally people do not like those who are well disciplined and they brand him or her as more strict and one side thinking person. But discipline has to be involved for the smooth conduct of our live and help others too.
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    Inculcating discipline is a very difficult thing and very few people can acquire it in their actions and life. It is also true that for having discipline in life one has to have control on one's desires and the ambitions.
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    But discipline gives us recognition and success also. When we attend a meeting on time every time, people will say that you are a disciplined person and person will look at you with a lot of admiration for you. So there is no problem in making small amendments in our routine for attaining discipline. By sacrificing in a small way if you are getting huge benefits why should we not do that sacrifice. Discipline in your life is for you only for not for others. So you can pay a little cost in the form of sacrifice so that in return you will get many rewards.
    Discipline is very important in our lives and it is very difficult to be disciplined, We may have to get up early to reach the destination early, we may have to take care of placing our things in the right place always. Initially, you feel the difficulty but once you practice them you will enjoy the fruits.

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    Discipline is to be inculcated for our personal benifits and it is not for the benifits for others. While attending a meeting in time is your personal matter but you learn a lot of things by maintaining punctuality. If you are the head of the department, your subordinates will follow the same path because they would not like to irritate you due to non observance of discipline and in that way, you are disciplining your own staves. The effect goes to the downward level since your staves would expect that their kids should also follow the same traits. Observation of discipline make our lives comfortable with the proper placing of our essential items in chosen places and in that way it would take less time in getting the same next time.

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    Discipline is a character to be inculcated and it won't come whenever we want to see in an individual. In order to inculcate things, we have to strictly follow certain rules and regulations. In order to follow these rules and regulations, you must sacrifice certain things in your life. But the fruits of discipline are immense and you can't measure it by something. The value of this discipline may make you so rich or famous or because of lack of it, you may even become a beggar. But even though a person not having discipline by luck he may become very rich but to hold that luck forever discipline become necessary. It all depends upon God's blessings finally.

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    Being disciplined in life isn't easy and the author is right to say that we have to sacrifice our habits or activities which contravene rules of discipline to live a disciplined life. First, we have to make a time table for each activity and each activity will have to be given a time slot. Some activities are on regular basis like wake up time,, morning calls, exercise, bathing, breakfast, lunch, dinner, reading newspaper, going to work or market etc. Some of the activities are on alternate days or weekly etc, and important thing us that come what may, we are to follow time table strictly. We can't go against it. Those who spend their time in accordance with each slot strictly, they can work more than who don't believe in time management.
    We have choose what we have to eat or where to go or what to play or how to interact with people, who have we to meet to etc.

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