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    Will our Space Scientists be able to thwart the mishap?

    For the past four days Indian and Russian space scientists are burning their midnight oil to avert the possible mishap of satellites belonging to both countries that are just a few meters away. Hectic activities are being conducted to drive away both from a collision. Russia's Canopus and India's Cartosat are almost near to hit and scientists from both the countries are cooperating and coordinating to avert the mishap. Does that mean that there is traffic jam even in space like the one witnessed on the earth?
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    Never heard such a thing ever. This is a serious matter. I think that the scientists can make path corrections remotely and that should be the efforts they might be trying. These are costly equipments and are to be protected in any case.
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    It is reported that on November 27, 2020, at 04:49 Moscow time, there was a dangerous approach with the Russian spacecraft the Canopus-V and the operating Indian CARTOSAT 2F apparatus, satellites weighing more than 700 kg. According to the information, the minimum distance between the Russian and foreign satellites was 224 meters. These two satellites are designed for remote sensing of the Earth. Now there is no problem and it is a near-miss. They came close and there might have been a hit. But now there is no problem. The scientists are able to avert the possible collision and further work is to be carried out to know the reasons for both the satellites for coming so close. ISRO official s informed that a manoeuvre will be done when it comes around 150 metres. Scientists will be closely following and they have a way to avoid such collisions.
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