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    Mamta's popularity in wane

    As the West Bengal state is bracing up for assembly election next year, the political equations are changing as both BJP and Congress wants decimate the Trinamul Congress government and make in roads into Mamta's bastions. With the resignation of top Minister from her cabinet citing one sided rule, the signal is very clear that all is not well with the ruling party as those who are instrumental to bring change in the party from a opposition status to the regional power house are squarely ignored and feeling insulted and sulking. Is the popularity of Mamta;s charisma in wane?
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    Regional parties generally exploit the sentiments of the local population by mentioning caste, creed, language, culture, job opportunity etc and get the votes. Everywhere it is like that and that is the reason why today we have many strong local parties ruling the state. It is easy to divide people than to unite. It is human nature to follow the leaders who assure them that their cultural ties would be preserved and they will have their own say in ruling the state and if required they will even fight with the central Govt. This is ridiculous but unfortunately true. Politics is a game more difficult than chess and those who know how to channelise the local people win in it. The players have to utilise their pawns very meticulously and in clever ways. Mamta is a seasoned player and a few members resigning is not going to matter much as she would be able to take out trumps from her sleeve anytime to settle the things in her favour.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Politics is a dirty game wherein politicians seem to be hungry for power. They are allured by other power hungry people to join them. This game is not going to stop. It's a flourishing business, no possibilities can be imagined of its extermination. Politicians being opportunists have lost a thing called morality. Nation has already watched this game of power and it's not unprecedented at all.
    A good curator prepares the pitch in accordance with the weather conditions and generally pitch is laid down to facilitate a particular team for victory.

    This leader of TMC might have been offered a fair deal by any political party. It can't be said if it's greed of CM office. God knows better. However, it is a setback for TMC. But I don't think if Mamta's image is going to be affected.

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    Generally, regional parties will have a better understanding of the region and the problems faced by the public there. So they use those issues as a tool to get into power. That is what NTR did and then KCR did in Andhra Pradesh. The same thing is the tool used by Mamata in West Bengal.
    People will definitely believe them for one or two terms. If they do something for the region they will continue their patronage. Otherwise, they will lose hope and try to shift their loyalties. Even in Telangana, in GHMC elections KCR may not get the deserved majority. He and MIM may jointly get the majority.
    I think in West Bengal also people are getting hit worst and the state is not getting developed as expected. That may be the reason for some leaders going away from the party. Anyhow, let us wait and see what is going to happen in the next elections.

    always confident

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