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    Do not give chance for the problems to escalate

    We do come across the problems and challenging situations during the day and it may be small and even not that important. But for others it may be big issue to them and keep on raising the same time and again and if not attended that would become the big matter for debate and settlements. So in future never underestimate the problems as small and achievable in the future, settle the issues then and there itself so that the matter should not get escalated to greater level to which we may not have time and resources to settle the issue.
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    A good thought by the author and it is always better to settle the things in its early manifestation stage as waiting for long will only make them inaccessible and unmanageable. In our house itself sometimes the children are given too much liberty and they become very aggressive and arrogant and go beyond the control of the parents. If we check their ways in time such extreme situation would not result. There are many examples like that even in our work place where we sometimes take liberty with things and delay the decisions only to find that now the opportunity has gone and someone else has already taken advantage of that proposition. It is also equally true in business environment where corrective actions taken at an early stage are very fruitful for the flourishing of the said business. Problems will always be coming but taking up and resolving them at an early stage is definitely a prudent measure.
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    Rightly said by the author. If any problem comes in our way then we should try to control over it at the earliest. Otherwise, problem becomes very complicated for us. I also felt like this many times at home or outside. If you don't take small issue seriously then it take not only big form but leads to heavy loss. Now a days, most of the people believe in escalating problem rather than stopping it. So, It is much needed to be alert on small problem too.

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    Yes, once the problem surfaces, it has to be taken up on priority to resolve the same. Keeping pending for long will result in indecisiveness in relation to resumption of any assignment. Hence it is always better to tackle a problem immediately. This will definitely curb the further aggravation of the problem. This is applicable almost in all the fields. In the business environment, we have seen selling the dress materials at the discounted price prior to arrive val of any festive season to clear their stock and any delay in this regard will affect the disposal system. Similarly in a class - room, if the kids are talking loudly and not controlled in time will make the environment worse with the progress of time. Hence we should not allow any chance of further aggravation of the issues.

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    The author is right. Problems are nothing different but a normal part of our life but we ourselves increase that part by giving the wrong direction in panic. If the problems are solved at the initial level itself, then energy is saved. The easier we solve our problems, the easier our life will become. Problems come in any way, it is a natural process, so do not be discouraged. There is a positive aspect of every problem. One should think a little calmly about whether a problem can be solved. If someone has created a problem, then there must be a solution as well. No matter how difficult the problem is. His solution lies in that problem.
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    We should solve the problems when it is in the early stage. We should not allow them to grow. Once you give some time to the problems, they will grow and become difficult for us to solve. A plant can be bend in the way you want but a tree can't be bend. This is a very common saying.
    Many problems in the nation will be ignored by many of the leaders and try to use them for their selfish gains. Later on, they will become very big issues and unnecessary tension will get created in society. Many issues we have seen like Ramjanma Bhoomi are like that. Finally, the matter has been settled by a court only. But before that how many people suffered in that problem, we all saw.
    When there is a disease in our body we should get it cured as early as possible. Otherwise, the disease will become acute and may give us many sleepless nights and finally, we have to succumb.

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    I am with the author. He is right in assessment about trivial issues which superficially look secondary and unimportant and we show carelessness about them but after a certain period they begin to spread and sometimes, cause big loss. So, it is advisable to nib such issues in the bud before they create any problem.

    Some people don't care if they face any health problem and they move on ignoring the same but after some time it becomes a big health problem for the patient and sometimes, it changes into incurable disease.

    I have also experienced that when a young girl brings new mobile or new jewellery or new clothes parents ,especially mother does not ask her why she has got these things or who has gifted these these things to her, when her parents have not purchased these items for her. When the girl elopes with someone who has she been in relationship with for a long time, parents search her, report in police station. Obviously, parents are also responsible for this elopement. As a result, not only her character is tainted but also she stigmatizes whole of her family.

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    Taking up the matters or task in time is one of the most important thing and any laxity in this regard will be a costly thing and bring problems only later. Delaying a task or activity will make it more difficult as new dimensions will add by that time and the whole purpose might be lost due to the delay.
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    Time management is the best solution to solve the problems on time. These days people have to putup double effort when compared to regular official life. Work from home which was a happier life at the outset has hindered and taken away the personal time too. So in such situations the minute problems may hold corners and get diverted from our minds. To overcome this, it is better to pendown the tasks based on priority, work on it after taking a deep seigh of relief.
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    Sharada made the right submission that we miss the time management and seek excuse to escape from unfinished problem.
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